Self-awareness failure.

Bill Schmalfeldt pissed his pants once and shared it on the internet.  He also asked a judge if could have himself declared mentally incompetent for violating a peace order.  We know that Schmalfeldt has a fascination for feces, especially his own.

I don’t think it takes a leap to realize that Schmalfeldt’s fascination with the human anus could be considered mentally deficient and in decline.

8 thoughts on “Ummm…

  1. Um, Ol’ Biwwy has been pretty public about several occasions of shitting himself, not just wetting himself at the sight of a Deputy Sheriff.

    I guess it’s the usual thing, though. The Left never wants to live by the same standards they wish to apply to the Right. Somehow, crapping his pants make Schmalfeldt smarter, in his mind.

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