And you wonder why CNN is fake news.

McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

Example #1,188,959

I’m not sure what is worse: That Rep. Quigley, a well known and distinguished crackpot, is given an open microphone to perpetuate lies and conspiracies – OR – that Lemon is incompetent journalist.

The new narrative, now completely backed by the hacks at CNN, is that Barr is a political appointee (duh), that he rushed to judgment on the report’s conclusions (even though he had been working with the Mueller team for weeks since his confirmation and understood where they were going) and that Barr was working with the White House to ensure it is never seen by Congress (even though it was Congress that passed the laws and the courts who have ruled on their scope and breadth on what the DOJ can actually release).  Not a single time has any reporter at CNN having control of the discussion corrected the glaring falsehoods that would release the sign from their forehead.

CNN’s ratings continue to plummet. They are dying on the hill where they planted their flag.  Now it seems they’ve become the Conspiracy News Network which is certainly the wrong direction in restoring some measure of integrity.

I guess this is what passes as holding the government.. er.. Trump.. accountable.


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