New Test for Parkinson’s Disease shows promise.


This could be a game changer.

Scientists have developed a test for Parkinson’s Disease based on smell.

From the Guardian:

Scientists have developed a test for Parkinson’s disease based on its signature odour after teaming up with a woman who can smell the condition before tremors and other clinical symptoms appear.

Writing in the journal ACS Central Science, the researchers describe how Milne confirmed that mixtures of the four compounds had the same musky smell as Parkinson’s patients. Tests found that levels of three substances, eicosane, hippuric acid and octadecanal, were all higher than normal in the sebum of Parkinson’s patients, while levels of a fourth substance, perillic aldehyde, were lower.

This is good news for people who want to see if Parkinson’s Disease may be in their future.  Scientists would be able to study patients and learn more about the early stages  and possibly develop treatments to prevent the onset of symptoms. Early detection of the disease would go a long way towards increasing the quality of life in a person’s later years.

The question is, can a certain individual pass the smell test?

17 thoughts on “New Test for Parkinson’s Disease shows promise.

  1. I challenge the fat grifter to take the test and allow the results to be sent to this blog owner for publishing. It will never happen though because he already knows what will happen to him if he does.

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  2. I recently read about this on a Parkinson’s board I read. Caregivers of PD patients talked about a distinct odor their person had–not a good one–and they all seemed to agree. This makes those of us with PD a little self-conscious! It’s sad that people make fun. I imagine they have a stink about them without Parkinson’s.

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