The 2020 Freebies from Democrats

Make it Rain

We’re still 20 months from the 2020 election and the Democrats are proposing lots of freebies.

Democrats are all about spending your money.  While they occasionally throw out middle class tax cuts, they never explain how they are going to pay for all the handouts besides making billionaires and millionaires become part of the middle class.

One of the ironies in their campaigns is how they trash the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017  as if giving people back money was a bad thing. They are all for tax cuts, but they claim giving everyone a tax cut was bad for the national debt, despite concrete evidence that tax cuts for everyone improves the economy.

The problem was never the tax cuts – it is the uncontrolled and unsustainable spending.  They just look the other way rather than talk about it.  It’s no surprise that their solutions towards spending and balancing the checkbook are missing.

So far, the democrats have offered the following additional programs:

  • Medicare for All, aka Universal Health Care.
  • Government guarantee of a job with a living wage and benefits.
  • Closing the $13,000 perceived gap of educated teachers versus non-teacher counterparts in private sector.
  • Free Childcare.
  • Implementation of the Green New Deal.
  • Free college tuition and forgiving the $1.5 trillion in student loans.

In addition, democrats are looking to raise revenue with the following taxes:

  • A wealth tax on individuals who have more than $50 million in wealth.
  • A 70% marginal tax rate for anyone making over $10 million a year.
  • Raise corporate tax rates up to 90%.
  • Up to 50% tax on financial transactions and stock trades.

They also want to solve social injustice, both past and present with these programs:

  • Reparations for descendants of slavery.
  • Monthly payments to the citizens modeled after.. Alaska?
  • Enhanced protections for LGBTQ from religious prosecution (or as they say, when people go to church, wear religious articles – except for non-christians, or have christian bakers forced to make offensive cakes)
  • A ban on semi-automatic guns (aka, we’re going back to muskets and single shot pistols.)

Democrats also want to solve the problem of a future Republican president by:

  • Reducing the voting age to 16.
  • Automatic voter registration.
  • Abolishing the electoral college.

Currently, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact has support from states representing 190 electoral votes.  Once it reaches 270, the electoral college will be gutted without a constitutional amendment, thereby depriving rural states of their voices to heavy urban populations.

All of this is insane. None of these proposals actually solve anything.  Mostly, they are feel good themes designed to capture as many votes as possible to stay in power.  The hope is the media will be complicit and not question them on exactly how they will implement these programs.

So far, their explanations for how much is all this going to cost, and not just in terms of money, has been that “You can’t look at its cost. You have to evaluate it on it’s investment potential.”  Usually, that kind of talk, especially when it comes to a financial prospectus, would get you arrested.

2 thoughts on “The 2020 Freebies from Democrats

  1. They are uniformly designed to subjugate the citizenry to ‘expert’ Progressive central planners. Not all that different, if at all, from the policies of the Khmer Rouge.

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  2. The payments that Alaska makes to its citizens are dividends. The state owns vast tracts of land that produce huge amounts of money from drilling rights. These funds are set aside and invested and annual dividend payments are then made to citizens. It’s their money.

    Democrats, as always, plan to rob Peter to pay Paul, never imagining that Peter might just take a hike.

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