Oh really?


The world wants our money!

Opinion writer Mihir Sharma of Bloomberg is not happy with the idea that money in the United State for the Green New Deal only applies.. to the United States.

But, that hardly means that something similar is possible today — that simply redistributing resources within the U.S. economy, through a program managed by the U.S. government, would be sufficient to address climate change as well as create general prosperity. Someone needs to remind the Democrats that when it comes to global problems such as climate change, much of the U.S. is itself the one percent. (In 2012, economist Branko Milanovic estimated that an average income of over $34,000 put you in into the global one percent.)

This group will have to sacrifice something if climate change is to be stopped. The truth is that the resources that Democrats want the U.S. government to appropriate and use domestically need instead to flow elsewhere in the world. That valuable finance and capacity is needed to help the developing world pay for cities that don’t stress the planet, to protect those who are losing livelihoods and homes because of climate change, and to ensure that everyone in the world has access to reliable, affordable and clean energy.

There is some truth here when it comes to Climate Change itself – it is a global phenomenon.  The United States’ effort to combat the “often predicted and never materialized” problem would only have a minimal impact.

Then again, converting an economy that is dependent on carbon based fuels would be a major feat.  However, the rest of the world will need to play catch up and they desperately need funds that New York Mayor Bill De Blasio says is out there, we just have to redistribute it.

Of course, this all assumes there really is a climate change problem.  For almost a century, newspapers blared scientific concerns of humanity’s influence on the planet that portend of doom.  And yet, during the past 270 years, the planet has warmed well past the faux 2 degrees of hell and seen the planet experience far fewer climate deaths, eradication of major diseases, the fastest growth in food capacity, longer lifespans and quality of life, and the greatest advancement of education, science and technology in human history.

The thing is, all the global disasters that fortune-telling scientists have predicted have strangely not occurred.  In fact, as recent as 1989, scientists warned of coastal cities being wiped off the map after the year 2000.  So far, not a single city has been relegated to the sea for eternity.  Not even a parking lot.

What it’s really about is wealth re-distribution.  Climate change is the perfect vehicle because, even if nothing happens, all the efforts to try and stop it would have been worth it, even if it makes all of mankind poor and relegated to the stone age.  In truth, it was never about the climate – it’s about social justice and taking the money away from the wealthy and powerful to transfer it to .. other people who want money and power.

Fortunately, for now, most people in the world care as much about climate change as they do about Beto O’Rourke’s marriage jokes – only the activists are offended. In the meantime, I’m going to grill some steaks. I’m using propane to fuel my grill which I purchased from Costco. It was four miles away and I drove my Enclave instead of riding my bike.  I may or may not have left the engine on while the tank was being filled.

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