Problem with Stupid People


She Guevara’s mom was interviewed by the Daily Mail.  Here is an excerpt from that article:

Maggie Haberman of the “Often Wrong New York Times” tweets:

No where in the article does it say she moved to Florida because of Trump’s tax plan. Instead, she moved because of New York taxes.

But leave it to Maggie’s ability to turn an innocuous comment into something anti-Trump.  It’s like they never learned anything from 2016.

There are some other tidbits in there about the young Congresscritter from New York.

‘One of the last things she did with her dad before he died was sit with him and watch a Star Trek: Voyager episode on TV,’ Blanca explained. ‘In one scene, Captain Janeway (a character played by Kate Mulgrew) appears and my husband, who could no longer talk, pointed at the captain then at Alexandria, and back and forth, to say to her he thought she’d be like Captain Janeway one day, someone in charge.

It’s quite apparent that AOC is no Captain Janeway, and most likely, will never be anything like her.

7 thoughts on “Ummm..

  1. And I suppose AOC had just skipped back with lattes from the hipster coffee shop down the street before Star Trek: Voyager came on, like any obedient little uberwoke tyke would?

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