About that collusion statement..


Just a thought..

Earlier today, the Senate Intelligence committee released a statement saying that the investigation into Russian collusion to influence the 2016 election had no direct evidence between the Trump campaign and the government of Vladimir Putin.  It was declared a bi-partisan conclusion.

Later, Senator Mark Warren, the ranking democrat on the committee said he could not make that conclusion citing that the investigation is still ongoing.

There are two ways to look at this:

The committee has found no evidence to support “collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign to influence the election.”


The committee has no evidence to “deny the assertion that the Trump campaign and the Russians colluded to influence the election”.

Guess which side picks the latter?

Investigations by Congress are political in nature.  Still, there should always be some truth shared with the public.

During the Benghazi investigation, it was proven that there were several breakdowns among the chain of command that led to the deaths of four Americans.  The Democrats denied that the Obama administration was at fault and it was just an unfortunate result of a video some guy made.

IRS harassment of Tea Party groups seeking non-profit status for tax purposes was investigated and proved that, indeed, the agency was complicit. The ranking democrat Elijah Cummings had even sent letters as part of the campaign to keep one organization from gaining the status by asking for outlandish information.  He even slandered the groups President during her testimony.

The DOJ settled with the groups in a lawsuit because the evidence against the government was substantial.  The Democrats denied that the Obama administration was complicit even though Lois Lerner invoked the Fifth Amendment.  She did so after offering testimony and refused further subpoenas probing if the administration was involved.  Entire archives of emails, along with Lerner’s own hard drives “mysteriously” disappeared.

For two years we’ve been promised there is evidence by members of Congress saying they’ve seen the evidence of Russian collusion.  However, we’re still waiting on the smoking gun.

What is not evidence is that Trump is a real-estate businessman who was trying to make money on legal business deals in Russia.  Those business dealings, according to Democrats, are enough to prove collusion despite no link to exactly how the election was influenced. In short, it’s a piece that is damning enough simply because.. you know, Trump.  In other words, its not enough to disprove collusion.

The only certain thing: Hillary is still not the President.

4 thoughts on “About that collusion statement..

  1. I rejoice for two reasons. First, Hillary is not President. Second, Donald has turned out to be God’s wonderful to this nation at a critical point in her history. It doesn’t matter that some people are crying sour grapes because Hillary is not President. What matters is that Trump is making America great again despite the powers arrayed against him. Thanks God!

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