This is not good

Virginia governor’s past is at odd with “modern” democrats.

Social mob rules say Northam should resign.  Will the party give him absolution?

This is going to be interesting.


5 thoughts on “Welp…

  1. Social mob rules say Northam should resign.

    No, they don’t. Northam is a Democrat. All he has to say is “Yearbook? I have no idea what you’re talking about.” and the leftist propaganda machine will wonder what the hell is wrong with Republicans.

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      • Hmm, not so much on the infanticide issue, as Fairfax seems to be even more bent in that direction.

        But the bill has already been killed (in the cradle, PUN TOTALLY INTENDED) so the issue will go away soon enough.

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      • Professional Dems will make all the right noises because they have to but the mob just doesn’t have a lynching in them for Northam. The worst of it is them laughing at him because he’s so delightfully inept.

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  2. Their tribalism can’t allow him to stay. He has refused as of now (1 AM EST 2/2/2019). It will be really interesting if he digs in. What can they offer him?
    And of course the Kavanaugh comparison is being beaten like a dead horse.
    Perhaps there should be some discussion of a statute of limitations? OTOH, watching the Left turn on itself is fun.

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