Trump to postpone the SOTU


Liberals think he caved.

Pelosi responded too soon:

Here’s how NYT “reporter” Maggie Haberman framed it.

She doesn’t get it.  He took something away from Nancy and turned it into his favor. All eyes are now on Pelosi. He gave up nothing.

Madam Speaker may learn to regret the entire charade.


6 thoughts on “Trump to postpone the SOTU

  1. One of the “elephant in the room” items not being talked about: if there are that many federal government workers being affected by the shutdown, it is a clear indication that there are too many federal government workers. At a basic moral and fiscal level, “non-essential government worker” is an insult to taxpayers. If you are not essential to the operation of the duties of the government, then you shouldn’t be in the employ of the government. There are, in my opinion, positions that are currently labeled non-essential that shouldn’t be – the Coast Guard springs to mind. But I would wager that a good portion of those positions affected by the shutdown shouldn’t really exist to begin with.

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  2. repay our federal workers
    she obviously doesnt mean that as she and the majority of Dems in the house voted down a bill that would’ve done that last week, and again this week….

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  3. My sister is a “non-essential employee” in a federal agency in the Midwest. Everyone she works with has been “called in” to work without pay two days each week. She says they sit around and do nothing because they’ve been told not to do any work (even answer the phones which wouldn’t really seem to cost anything) because they “have no budget”. She says most are terrified that unless they show up it will be figured out that most of them aren’t very necessary and they’ll be riffed. My sister is a strong Trump supporter and she’s kind of torn. She has a job that is pretty necessary and almost certainly won’t be riffed, and she thinks too many of her co-workers are slackers who wouldn’t be missed, but she’s got a soft heart and feels for them. And she would like to get paid, but she’s got three older brothers backstopping her so she’s not worried.

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