Fake News Continues

McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

Will it ever end?

On Thursday night, Buzzfeed ran a story that President Trump told his now disgraced lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about deals with Russia. On Friday, the media went crazy with the idea that, “If this is true, it’s time to impeach Trump.”  Also on Friday, the story’s veracity took a turn for the worst when both reporters were asked about actually seeing evidence.

The conflicting accounts raised some eyebrows.  Despite no other leftist outlet confirming the story, the pundits and some democrats in Congress had decided they were going to push the story and have hearings to investigate.  Late Friday evening, the Special Counsel’s office had to issue a rare statement claiming the essential elements of the story were inaccurate.

On Saturday, Buzzfeed responded saying that, unless Mueller’s office was more specific, they would stand by their story. In a couple of tweets, Buzzfeed’s editor doubled down almost challenging Mueller to put up or shut up.

Today, the two reporters were on the most ironically titled show in history – CNN’s Reliable Sources. Both reporters have essentially gone silent while still dug in their reporting is accurate.  Sounds to me as if someone at legal may have “missed” something important.

Polls continue to show that the media is trusted less and less. Here is yet another example of how much the media is moving closer to the cliff:

An interesting take considering that the media fails to take on their own liberal bias and some have made it their mission to oppose Trump.

Also on Saturday, some kids from Covington Catholic High School attending March for Life in Washington D.C. were recorded on the phone of a liberal activist. The resulting edited video portrayed the kids harassing a Native American Vietnam veteran for playing his drum.  On social media, a number of blue check conservatives, having not learned their lesson on fake news, decided to get in front of the story and condemn the kids.

Today, we learned there was a very different story.  The kids were at a designated meeting place, and like high school kids do, kept themselves busy by doing some chants.  The Native American activist and his friends decided to approach the students.  The students themselves did nothing to provoke the leftist group, but that same group hurled racial and homophobic slurs (what?? the inclusive left using slurs??) at the kids.   In all, students were not only not disrespectful, but the full video shows that, other than the rowdy leftist language, the kids made no threats and were more than well behaved.

Celebrities, musicians and others asked their followers to find and dox the students based on the initial reporting. Even Elizabeth Warren was trying to get back into the good graces of Native American’s by running with the false narrative in her own tweets.  The reason this became such a big deal?  Some of the students were wearing MAGA hats, which is perfectly acceptable.  Unless you’re a liberal and a Congressional Democrat.

The shock is that some “conservatives” who condemned the students on social media based on the false narrative are still clinging to the idea the students had done something wrong despite the full video showing otherwise.

One of the big lessons from social media:  Don’t let them tell you how to raise your kids.  Many have conflicting principles about life and have little self-awareness to recognize it.  And some have even let their #NeverTrump bias get to them. Innocent kids on an educational cultural event are going to have to suffer unwarranted backlash because they don’t want to see the bigger picture that would question their own principles.

This all speaks to the larger question of media and anti-Trump self-awareness and accountability.  President Trump is responsible for more people losing their minds and their principles than any weapon dreamed up by Marvel or DC Studios.  He’s even gotten the media to fact-check opinion, facetiousness, and Chicken McNugget sauces.

His political opponents have been forced to change or abandon their views because they’ve labeled him a “moral toxicity” – they have to oppose any position or view point he may espouse.  What makes it so ironic is how these same people like to be lied to by your everyday politician, but that Trump is much worse despite he actually delivers on his promises. That seems to be a great lesson to teach your child.

The day may come when the media and the #NeverTrumpers realize the folly of their actions. Just not sure it will happen in a moment of epiphany, but rather a forced culling of the herd – or civil war.

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