When TDS forces Mueller’s team to say something..

Today was not a good day

Buzzfeed becomes Schmalfeldt.

Earlier today, the buzz among the outlets was the questionable use of two sources on the “bombshell” Buzzfeed report.  Both byline reporters – who published the “bombshell” allegation that the President ordered his lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress – made contradictory statements on the authenticity of their reporting.

Michael Cohen even tweeted that the story was true.  Cohen’s glaring credibility problem did not stop democrats from escalating impeachment rhetoric “if the story is true.”

Cohen is a liar.  The fact that the Special Counsel had to actually comment on the story says two things:

Don’t trust Michael Cohen.  Democrats have asked him to testify as part of there agenda to remove Trump from office. This will not turn out well.

Don’t expect Mueller’s report to be all that damning.  Rebuking Buzzfeed on such a thing means that the Special Counsel’s office is probably growing weary of all the “reporting” that they’ve said on many occasions as inaccurate.

Many have warned that Democrats pursuit of impeaching Trump is overplaying their hand.  Schiff, Castro, and other prominent members of the party have been going into overdrive on this now discredited report as the basis for hearings they’ve been wanting to convene.  The fact they jumped the shark so hard, with the blessing of the media, only reinforces what many voters did not want – too much focus on the wrong priorities.

Meanwhile. there are 800,000 federal workers not getting paid and thousands of contractors dependent on government contracts waiting for politicians to get legislation passed to reopen the government – all because of $5 billion for a border wall as part of a larger border security package.

This is looking horribly bad for the democrats, being overzealous in confronting Trump and ignoring the agenda they ran on to gain power.  It’s almost as if everyone foresaw this coming.



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