The Vulgarity of the Left


This Christmas, children are now used as propaganda for the left.  

Two very disturbing events came to my attention this week. One was a young girl from Sweden who became physically unwell because of what she read about climate change. The left is parading her around as an “educated” spokesperson for the cause.

On Good Morning America, a young boy dressed in drag gives a performance to the admiration of its hosts and audience.  This is the same kid who previously performed an erotic dance in a gay bar and had dollar bills thrown at him.

By any definition, behavior such as this constitutes child abuse.  Unless it’s political.  Then children are free to be exploited to the raves of actual adults.

Greta Thunberg from Sweden shares her story of how she found out about climate change.  During her TED talk, she describes how it took a physical toll on her. To alleviate that toll, she is now becoming an emotional advocate speaking to lefties around the world that it’s time to take the dangers of climate change seriously with the blessing of her parents.

Desmond Napoles is being sexually exploited for entertainment by adults in the LGBTQ community.  Members of the community who routinely speak about illegal immigrant children being sequestered away from other migrants, despite known cases of child sexual abuse in these facilities, seem to have no problem with having young children give raunchy performances to sexually hyper bar patrons.

Sadly, these will not be the last.  There are children today who were allowed to file suit because of climate change and a tenured judge allowed it to go on.  There are parents who actually believe their six year old children want to transition to the other sex simply because they may act like the opposite sex.  And there are grown people who will go on TV and say this is acceptable if it pushes their agenda forward.

The innocence of children is no longer valued by the left.

2 thoughts on “The Vulgarity of the Left

  1. Was their innocence ever valued by the left? And you call them “actual” adults? Not hardly. Adults are asked to protect children not use them for their own purposes. And last I looked adults are supposed to exercise a modicum of self-control. When did that change?

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