Democrats say a lot of stupid things.


Mostly everything really, even without factoring in NY-14’s She Guevara.

“Everyone has a right to request asylum!”

“We can spend 5 billion dollars on something else.”

“We can’t leave Syria!”

“Mattis leaving is terrible!  I’m shaken up over it.”

“I can’t believe we can’t go home for Christmas!”

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real psychological disorder that should be in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders any day now. I am assuming they are waiting for more clinical studies about possible treatments to help those afflicted live better lives.

There was a time when Democrats were all for immigration reform, not going into Syria, didn’t want Mattis to be the Secretary of Defense, and had no issue with sending 150 billion dollars to Iran which has been used to boost funding to terrorist groups in the Middle East.

Now, the Democrats are complaining that if Trump does not sign a CR without containing funds for his wall, a government shutdown is on him.  Funny.  When Obama signaled he would veto a funding resolution from the GOP controlled house without additional money for his own pet projects, the media blamed the GOP for the shut down.  Giving in to the demands of the president was a good thing.

The last thing, having to work maybe through Christmas showed how much they all are out of touch with their constituents.  Some will work as if there is no Christmas and yet they will accomplish more than the posturing representatives playing politics with border security.

Americans want our elected representatives to get along.  For me, Jeff Flake is no different than the democrats and represents the real problem:  Their disdain for Trump, even though he is the duly elected leader of the executive branch, has caused them to abandon their fiduciary duties in favor of just opposing anything and everything Trump. That’s their principle. It’s their mental focus, and their disease.


2 thoughts on “Democrats say a lot of stupid things.

  1. I think it was Ace of Spades that said something like Trump’s ability is shown him only taking 2 years to turn rabid anti-was types (looking at that Maddow guy) into rabid war-mongers.
    I think the main thing to remember about Trump is how he is exposing the Establishment (but especially the Left part) as exactly what they are.
    The Establishment looks into that mirror and thinks they’re perfect. Normal people look at the Establishment and see the goiter and chancres and blemishes and cancerous pustules.

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