Can’t make this up even if I wanted to.


A feminist/social justice warrior wants to get into the sex robot brothel business.

A woman who is a self-described “gender non-conforming Pop Star Cult Leader” from Pasadena, California, named Unicole Unicron (yeah I thought the same thing) who writes blog posts for a sex robot manufacturer, wants to create a brothel where you’re allowed to have sex with one – assuming it says “Yes.”

While she doesn’t have the funding – she’s in talks with potential private investors – her dream is create an inclusive and socially acceptable atmosphere for both her customers and her androids.

“It’s important that diversity exists within tech and this is no different,” she says. “Eve’s Robot Dreams will provide a fresh experience and it will set the precedent for how we interact with robots. We have the opportunity to be at the international forefront of robot ethics.”

How exactly sex with a robot can be consensual is still coming into focus. Unicron’s explanation makes it sound like a very awkward first date, where the customer and robot have a pre-coital conversation “in a public booth or a curtained booth in our cafe.” Or they can skip the perfunctory meet-and-greet by using a Realbotix app before the encounter. If you say enough “right” things to the robot over time, it “unlocks her sexual content,” Unicron says.

So the robot can express itself. What happens if the robot says, “Make America Great Again?”


3 thoughts on “Can’t make this up even if I wanted to.

  1. Does this person ask their car permission to penetrate it and then force it to go places it wouldn’t go otherwise?

    Where DO these people get these insane ideas of how the world works?

    And it seems to me that the people that would consider having sex with a robot are probably just the people you DON’T want to be having sex with other people, so we should make it easier for them, not harder.

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