About that Climate Assessment Report


Remember, this is government work that has been socialized to accept “human caused global warming” as fact even though future catastrophic warming is only in computers.

Every news website and article discussing the latest National Climate Assessment report has a picture of a wildfire or other disaster prominently featured. It further illustrates how the media has become beholden to not questioning the government when it comes to climate science or science in general. Over the last 30 years, not only is there a healthy debate on whether man is influencing the climate, it encompasses both the scope and depth of human influences.

Each chapter, 29 in all, cover major areas of concern such as water, air quality, infrastructure and social concerns. They start out with “key findings” that are very much rewording of past talking points that do little to bridge the “cause-effect” chasm that plagues climate science and it’s social justice gatekeepers. Instead, it focuses on the “we know it’s going to get worse, we need to address these issues we’ve identified through years of well honed talking points.” It wasn’t long ago that climate scientists started creating PR campaigns to improve their messaging where polling showed that no one really cares.

In chapters where there is an attempt to illustrate some data that may be relevant, climate models are often used to make predictions. In other words, the means the current climate agenda uses has not changed. Even when the question of reliability in climate models has never been higher, they are still prominent in creating these assessments that predict a more grisly future.

Let’s take the chapter of forest management. The problems facing trees in the US are primarily drought and insects. Reading that chapter was painful when it came to understanding whether climate change was a problem or not. Not only was the word “likely” used as measure of confidence that droughts were due to changing climate (as opposed to regional weather pattern changes, inept forest management, and incoherent water policies that are documented as more definitive causes), the chapter could not pinpoint a warming climate as being all that bad. Indeed, what is missing is the admission that “Well we don’t have enough historical information about forests to know precisely how this is good or bad. Just accept that a warming climate is bad.”

In other words, reading the executive summaries do little to show that climate is a problem now, but there is a likelihood that things will get worse as the climate gets warmer – based on warm computer models. In short, it’s the same old story that’s been repeated over the last 30 years. If you listen to the pastors of human caused climate change, the predictions have all been right – except for the 1 foot sea level rise, the north pole ice being completely gone and kids born in 2010 never being able to see snow.

However, if you’re a journalist and your only interest is to profess the religion of man made climate change, especially if it makes President Trump look bad, then it’s better to just read the first few lines of the overview and not look at the rest of it, especially the parts that critiques the report declaring some areas lack critical “cause-effect” links to climate change and future projections.

Recently, many solar scientists are warning of an upcoming cold spell due to an oncoming strong maunder minimum. Atmospheric scientists report the atmosphere is shrinking from infrared heat being released in the outer layers. It has been going on for almost a decade, but new satellite equipment measuring the phenomenon has baffled, if not worried, some scientists especially those who don’t buy into the human climate catastrophe narrative.

Does this mean the planet will start cooling despite the nearly 40% increase in greenhouse gas emissions since the late 19th century? If it does, what does that say about the strength of the assertion that the still-yet-to-be-established-CO2-drives-climate causes warming of the planet? Will crows be considered a regular staple of the climate science diet?

If it gets colder, there will be a host of other issues scientists ignored trying to prove by any means necessary that burning fossil fuels should stop. The assumptions made to push governments to spend billions to prove CO2 was a driver of climate will undoubtedly face a backlash of an electorate looking for answers. A hungry and cold electorate would be even more dangerous.

While military strategists were making plans to operate in a warmer climate, imagine the perils of trying to modernize a force to adapt in a colder and more hostile climate. If you think military budgets are bad now, it will only get worse to come up with strategies and equipment to provide protection for the troops in colder weather.

And when it comes to the liberal philosophy of the government taking care of people, how do they propose helping the millions who may suffer under this cold spell? They’ve spent TRILLIONS trying to solve a homeless problem over decades that has only gotten worse in almost every major liberal metropolitan area.

Anyway you look at it, the climate assessment is nothing more than fodder for the social justice causes that do little to advance science and our civilization. It’s apparent this report has been long in the making and tries to minimize the very obvious uncertainties that continue to be a thorn in the side of religious climate scientists search for their holy grail.

For more reasonable and intelligent folks, the report has done nothing other than to create clickbait “I told you so’s – as long as you don’t read it and accept our narrative.” In the meantime, the tipping point is not whether the earth can recover from human CO2 emissions – it’s whether we’ve reached the tipping point of science being overrun by social justice warriors that will doom future generations from actually doing much needed science to advance society.

Supposed scientists from Yale and Harvard suggest flooding the atmosphere with particulates to dim the sun to slow down global warming projected from computers. We may have reached that tipping point.


2 thoughts on “About that Climate Assessment Report

  1. More government, fewer choices and more control over each of your daily lives.

    That’s all it takes. Any idiot can see this. Just not all the proles. Yet. We can BEAT Global Warming!

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