So wait..


Chief Justice John Roberts says there’s no such thing as “Obama judges, Bush judges, etc.”

He is correct in that the judiciary is independent even though political partisans within the Senate’s responsibilities of “advice and consent” often vote along ideological lines.  See Brett Kavanaugh.

The weird part is how the press is framing it as a admonition of Trump when, in fact, it is the press who makes the distinction in their reporting.  It seems rather foolish to blame this on Trump when he makes the same distinctions the press makes in their reporting.  If anything, the Chief Justice didn’t single out the president, rather to everyone, including the press.

Interestingly, most all the cases where federal judges have issues national injunctions on Trump all come from the left coast and are Obama appointees.  And yet the Supreme Court so far has overturned these same judges for their “lack of judicial restraint.”

To be sure, this rebuke of the Chief Justice should really be looked at by the press. Unfortunately, their lack of self-awareness prevents that from happening.


1 thought on “So wait..

  1. Best comment I’ve seen about that so far was “Democrats believe that then all Obama-appointed judges at all levels should resing and let Trump name their replacements, since it would make no difference, right?”

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