Now that the mid-terms are over


The Democrats message of “unity” and “civility” is on hold.

Purely from a personal standpoint, I was not all that worried if the Democrats took the house.  I was more concerned with a blowout. Fox News announcement so early in the evening was a bit eye raising, but probably better to know sooner rather than later. Either way,  I still have a job, although today is a light day.

What it wasn’t was the blue tsunami so many liberals predicted.  In fact, if you take time to analyze the data, it appears the Dem’s spent a hell of a lot of money for so little success.  Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg and George Soros emptied huge barrels of cash only to see little in return.  Someone on Twitter calculated that Beto’s spend amounted to $20 a vote.  That’s a lot of spending to get votes and still lose.

Still, the residuals for things conservatives passed during the first two years are not in any real danger of being removed.  Nancy Pelosi said she was for middle class tax cuts during her victory speech last night.  Trump proposed an additional 10% tax cut for the middle class before the election.  Would Pelosi be working with Trump to complete her pledge?

And yet, you can see where Democrats are now returning to their rhetoric.  Jake Tapper tweeted:

Already the plans to “check” the president is looking more like harassment and not on meaningful legislative work.  Many of the same Democrats who were looking to go after Trump have not cooled their intent to investigate Trump for, well, everything.  Potential Democrat chairs believe voters gave them a mandate to thoroughly understand how Trump even became president – like exposing his personal taxes, and investigating every conspiracy theory about Russian influence.  They plan to spend as much money as necessary, possibly to build a case towards possible impeachment.

This is what it’s all about for many of senior members looking for Hillary’s revenge.  Many ran against little opposition.  Elijah Cummings has already claimed the talking point that the people wanted a definitive check on Trump.  He is ready to run with that sword despite data that says many American’s are just tired of the fighting and want everyone to work together.

But to make it more evident, some members of the press believe THEY themselves won the election. The after election press briefing with the president was contentious.  Jim Acosta made a huge ass of himself.  Other reporters are pushing to get questions in over each other, and the way they frame their questions make it appear as though they are advocates for the democrats.

So if you believed the fluff that Hillary said we could return to civility once the house was won, think again.  I would say to let the democrats make the mistakes they are walking into.  Should be an interesting two years.



3 thoughts on “Now that the mid-terms are over

  1. Remember, Trump is a president who doesn’t need to be president. Because he’s not a politician, and he knows his constituency does not value subtlety, he can be himself, and what he is, is a BLUNT INSTRUMENT.

    Where other politicians can and do deflect uncomfortable questions with subtlety and pretty but meaningless words, Trump doesn’t. The press may think that he is required to oblige them with a civil answer, but he gets the same mileage with “Fuck off,” because he can be quite confident that’s what the press is hearing, no matter what he actually says.

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  2. I find it interesting that House Dems seem to think they can harass Trump at all. He only has to pay attention to them when he wants to, and he can Tweet that and make them even crazier.
    He also has tons of people he can send out to deal with the harassment. My guess is that as he ignores them when and as he wants to, the whacks them when he feels like it, and they’ll look more like the bull and he’ll look like the matador.
    Meanwhile, he “has a pen and a phone” and if they want anything they have to negotiate on his terms. Will they really shutdown the government rather than send him a budget?
    I have always thought of the GOP as the Stupid (and Feckless) party and the Dems as the Evil Party with a Crazy Wing. Now I’m seeing the Dems as the Crazy Stupid Evil but Hopeless Party. I begin to understand why Schmalfeldt (and Inflata-skank) are hardcore Dems.

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