More winning


There are now more job openings than people unemployed.

The US Labor Department has released a new report showing the number of job openings is over 7 million.  That number is higher than the number of unemployed Americans looking for work.  Minority unemployment numbers are at historic lows.  Career opportunities, missing from the Obama administration, have returned, increasing voter economic outlook.

Trump’s America First policy has been been a boon for employment and economic growth.  The Federal Reserve is reporting that the economy has very strong fundamentals, something not seen in the past decade.  Ohio, Florida and Texas show the largest growth of employment.  Ironically, both California and New York show the slowest growth and coincidentally, the largest exodus of population.

Wage growth year over year is up 2.9% and expected to gain more steam as the economy continues to grow.  Despite the wild hand-waiving from trade experts, tariffs have yet to have the kind of negative impact many were expecting.  This may be due to how Trump imposed the sanctions. There was a time lag allowing the Commerce Department to create exception rules for businesses.  It’s possible the tariffs, combined with Fed rate hikes could slow the economy, but for now, it’s going strong.

The steel industry is booming.  Manufacturing and non-farm payroll jobs continue to rise. In many places, positive growth is happening at a brisk pace.  That magic wand that Obama claimed would be the only thing to bring back jobs has been found by Trump and every thing he touches with it gets better.  Even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has touted Trump’s ability to get push through his pro-growth agenda with real, tangible results.

Anecdotally, I’ve seen a number of positive changes among my peers.  In my personal network, more than half have moved to new positions with different employers.  All have received wage increases of 10%, and half have received 50% or more.  Even in my own circumstances, by the end of the year I will have doubled my income.  Bill Schmalfeldt, on the other hand, is out of another job.  The rest of Team Kimberlin continue to flounder, only because of their affinity towards liberal laziness.

For Democrats, this is not about having better jobs, pay and more opportunities. Their message is that working class Americans deserve better than Trump.  From what I’ve been reading, here are their “ideas”:

  • We hate Trump.
  • Trump is bad.
  • Trump is going to lead us to war.
  • Republicans are going to take away coverage for pre-existing conditions and do away with Obamacare.
  • Trump needs to be impeached.
  • Trump is crazy!
  • We’re not MOBS!!  We’re patriots protesting for equality like socialism!
  • Increase taxes on the wealthy and corporations to give to the poor.
  • Saying Fauxcahontas is racist!
  • We need open borders.
  • They will take away your genders.
  • We have a track record of helping Americans with real progress.

In other words, it’s a platform of emotion rather than substance. If you reject them, you’re a racist.  They’ve said that.

Less than 15 days until the mid-terms and American’s choice of which direction the country is headed.  Democrats have gone all out with their personal crusade against Trump.  They intend to stop Trump and his pro-America racist agenda that is so offensive to the liberals.

Remember, it was the Democrats who waged the war on coal energy.  It was Clinton who wanted to put coal miners out of work and let them fend for themselves.  It was Obama who told people we can never be a manufacturing country.  It was Dianne Feinstein who used confidential false claims to smear a Supreme Court nominee.  It was Elizabeth Warren who has yet to apologize for lying about her heritage and claiming Native American ancestry as her own.  At the same time, it is Democrats who went after the Cherokee Nation for being offended by her false claims.

It was Kirsten Gillibrand who screams misogyny at sexual harassment allegations, but hugged a Senator Franken who was forced out without due process. She refuses to condemn the Deputy DNC chair running for Attorney General in Minnesota for the credible allegations against him.  It was Corey Booker who sexually assaulted a woman in high school, trashed Trenton as a mayor and gets no scrutiny.  New revelations suggest that Booker had sexually assaulted a gay supporter.

It is Kyrsten Sinema who trashed Arizona constituents, American soldiers, and stay at home mom’s but is given a pass by the liberal Arizona Republic simply because she’s “evolved”, even though the same newspaper wanted Brett Kavanaugh to step aside for unfounded allegations.  It was Senator Dick Durbin who lied about a meeting with Trump for political points even though no one could corroborate the exact choice of words.  It was Senator Richard Blumenthal who broached the subject of credibility with Brett Kavanaugh when he himself lied about his past military record.

You get the point.  The Democrats only want power and no longer hide it. They care not about average voters, only sub-groups who are politically expedient to push their victim narrative.  You can see that in the Florida Governor’s debate moderated by CNN.  The first three questions asked dealt with nothing about Florida’s issues.  It’s not about caring for the vast majority Americans and ensuring they prosper.  It’s about punishing Trump and his supporters for having the temerity to oppose their power grabbing agenda.

In other words, they hate it when Americans are winning – just like the good little socialists they are.


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  1. Gosh! How unemployable would you need to be to find yourself jobless and scurrying dust-bowl style to the coast to beg from your baleful sister-in-law?

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