About those facts…


Which ones do politics require you to ignore?

One of the reasons why the #MeToo movement should be destroyed is that its noble intentions have been perverted by the feminist movement.  In what started out as a means for survivors of sexual assault and violence to connect, build strength, and advocate for victims has been weaponized to attack political opponents.

So it’s no surprise when the left makes these statements about the accusers:

Allegations are credible.

They have suffered harm and must be heard.

In the #MeToo movement, it is imperative that each victim gets their day.

Too many women who are victims of sexual assault never come forward.  The committee’s actions will be under scrutiny to get it right.

A lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land requires someone of the highest integrity and sexual assault allegations should be taken seriously.

All of these statements can be considered generally true.  What is not true is how they apply to Brett Kavanaugh.  In fact, these statements are nothing more than democrats doing their best to use him as a proxy for sexual assault victims as part of their larger goal of stopping the nomination, and hoping women will join the blue wave.

During a press briefing yesterday, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer claimed that the committee’s responsibility was to gather the facts as part of their advice and consent responsibilities.  What he didn’t tell you was that his job is to make sure the facts that he and his ilk deem the most important should be the only facts anyone cares about.

Here is a comparison of facts that a reasonable person might consider when determining the legitimacy of the allegations:

Blasey-Ford alleges Kavanaugh attempted to rape her and possibly kill her. She names the witnesses to the event.  All witnesses have denied the incident even took place.

Ramirez alleges that Kavanaugh exposed himself and placed his genitals near her face. She claims there were witnesses to the event.  No one has corroborated her story.

Julie Swetnicks creepy porn lawyer released an affidavit that was full of statements but short on facts.  He has refused to make his client available to reporters to investigate her claims.  Over sixty people who attended school with Kavanaugh and knew him during the alleged timeline of events deny the general allegations of the affidavit.

Other facts:

Dianne Feinstein had Ford’s letter for months and sat on it.  Only her and the democrats knew of its existence. Prior to the hearings, the democrat members held “strategy” meetings to coordinate their efforts.

Ford’s name was leaked to the media by the democrat staffers.

Ford shared she wanted to testify when her name came out, but then made demands causing delays for her testimony.

All three of the victim’s lawyers are democrat activists.  None of the victims are Republicans.

None of these women filed a police report.  At a minimum, Swetnick, who was of legal age when she claimed she was gang-raped, should have gone to the police for her allegations of rapes at the parties.  She offers no explanation why she attended so many. 

All three have only come forward because Kavanaugh is the nominee for a Supreme Court seat.  None came forward when he was confirmed to sit on the appeals court, a consequential nomination in of itself.

The FBI does not investigate local law enforcement matters.  Even if the FBI did investigate, there is little doubt the result would be the same as it was Anita Hill in all three instances.

All of these are facts that cannot be denied.  Schumer, however, is conveniently ignoring them, instead wanting to delay the proceeding to gather more facts.. or something.

Here are some Kavanaugh facts:

More than 100 women who know him personally, have worked with him for an extended period of time, and those with decades long friendships have come out in strong support of him and have attested to his character.

Many of his past classmates who have known him during his youth dispute the accounts and character statements made by the alleged victims.

Kavanaugh’s record of helping and empowering women in the work place and in life is well known and documented. Democrats seem uninterested.

Every democrat senator on that committee had already expressed they would vote no the moment he was announced as the nominee. And yet, they want a fair process for the accusers.

While he admits to drinking and going to parties, he’s adamant he’s never sexually assaulted or raped anyone. In fact, he admitted he was a virgin for many years.  The accusers failure to gather credible witnesses in support of their allegations, in deference to the statements of named witnesses, makes Kavanaugh’s statements and denials CREDIBLE.

If the point of the #MeToo movement is “to believe her” and give these victims credibility, what does it say about the many scores of women who personally know Kavanaugh for long periods of his life, especially those who knew him at the same time these victims are making their claims?  And what does it say about Ford’s female friend as well as other named women who denied the allegations?  Are they to be believed?

Forget about the discrepancies of these allegations.  The victims all make claims they “knew” Kavanaugh, but none of them shared how they came to know him and what led up to these events.  In fact, Swetnick’s claims she knew of Kavanaugh and Mark Judge seems odd considering that neither have any knowledge of her.

In addition, each victim was in some state of intoxication.  Even in Ford’s prepared testimony, while she describes the incident (and again there are more discrepancies), she admits she doesn’t remember when it happened.  These would make any FBI investigation rather short.

If the democrats expected this to derail the nomination process, they failed.  All their hand-waving and pearl clutching is meaningless when you consider the veracity of the evidence presented.  As someone who has been falsely accused of a crime, I can say that the process for Kavanaugh has been completely unfair.  He is not to be believed as the Senator from Hawaii slanderous comments project.

What we do know is that there is plenty of evidence to cast firm, if not concrete, doubt that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted anyone.  Of course, that isn’t the point. Democrats want reasonable doubt about Kavanaugh’s character to keep him off the high court and have resorted to manufacturing as much controversy and Spartacus clones as they can.  That is there agenda and they know it as fact.

After all, facts are facts.


7 thoughts on “About those facts…

  1. There has already been another anonymous accusation today. I predict there will be another tomorrow before the hearing is called to order. That will be accompanied by the call of Democrats to, naturally, cancel the hearing.

    If I’m wrong, it’s because there will be more than one accusation.

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  2. When it comes to the democrats, the future is easy to predict. Thanks God they can’t not act crazy. As these comments indicate, the one thing Democrats DON’T want is facts. Feelings are easier to manipulate after all. In the end it’s all about political power, which is not what the Supreme Court is supposed to be about.

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