Who is Bill Mathews?


He is the program director and morning show host of the Bill Mathew’s show on KGYN radio in Guymon, Oklahoma.

He is also known as (aka) Bill Schmalfeldt, friend and associate of convicted felon Brett Kimberlin, recipient of numerous restraining and peace orders, and a pro-se plaintiff failure eight times over.

This is the same Bill Schmalfeldt who made these remarks to me in an internet broadcast on June 20, 2017.

What do you suppose happened? Yes, I do love John Hoge, Patrick Grady, Paul Krendler, George Howell, Eric Johnson, and especially Sarah Palmer, but did I need to love them more than my own welfare?  Turns out I could love them and keep everything!

Nothing proceeded as he hallucinated.  He ran away once he realized I was not impressed nor threatened by his antics.  Over the past year, he has threatened me three more times, each time scampering along when I refused to bow to his demands.

I am glad he has a job in Oklahoma, deep in the heart of Trump country.   He had an internet broadcast show called “Trump Thumpers” where he disparaged and denigrated President Trump and his followers.  I can’t imagine how much longer he will last when he decides to take on a listener like he did before his job started at KDSN in Iowa.

At some point, a listener in the community will become curious about something Bill will say on the air and decide to check him out.  Google has a lot of links. So does this website.  My links are to the websites of my compatriots who have had run-ins with Bill only to see him lose in court and in many other ways.

What do you suppose will happen when the curious listener finds out about their new morning host?



27 thoughts on “Who is Bill Mathews?

  1. Good Lord!! I had, thankfully, forgotten how smarmily stupid he sounds. His stupidity burns even in a situation like this. He evidently really believes his own bullshit. On one level it’s just incredibly pathetic. On another level it just demonstrates his total inability to deal with reality.
    How has his Fakinson’s progressed since he made these threats?
    Oh, and which foot is the iron boot on now? Seems like his cards were a busted flush.

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    • I have downloaded another podcast relating to his Parkinson’s. According to that one, he was in much worse shape than he is now.

      He says he had all the cards, and yet, it was not a winning hand. How bad of a deck is it when you can pick the best cards and still not have a winning hand?

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  2. I’m sure Monty didn’t travel with him or is a proud executive producer in Oklahoma, poor little Monty likely got left behind and hopefully not in a plastic bag at the bottom of some river.

    Monty clearly doesn’t qualify as a service animal per Greyhound policies.

    And why didn’t the idiot just use the radio logo for his twitter and not take selfies? That kind of defeats the whole purpose of a pseudonym.


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  3. It is truly impressive just how much ego you can fit inside an industrial dumpster.

    So MJ. We’re you ever fired from MJ Consulting, or was William perchance overestimating his cards? Again.

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  4. I always wondered why he didn’t execute the ultimate re-branding: “Change MY name (and not just my handle du jour) so nobody stumbles across my incredibly oversized and very well documented antics/reputation.”

    And now he has. It worked. If only Schmalfeldt had stayed off twitter. Oops-

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  5. Are we talking about the same bill schmalfeldt AKA bill mathews who knowing and with forethought committed perjury in a Maryland court last summer?

    bill schmalfeldt AKA bill mathews swore under oath that his “parkinson’s” prevented him from traveling to court, but he has made at least three cross country trips since.

    Oh yeah bill schmalfeldt AKA bill mathews you deliberately committed perjury, so I can say it all I want, what you gonna do sue? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOOLO………..

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    • Maybe request a song? Say by a small (in viewership, anyway) indie musician?

      It could be a nice humor skit about cub scouts by the turdsniffer, or a musical piece by his pedo pal.

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  6. His insipid inflatable fiancée better get a move on and hie her wide ass on out to Oklahoma – DUMBFUCK has been flirting up a storm with a local reporter on the Twitterz.

    Any port in a storm, as the saying goes…

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