Liberal Backlash?


This liberal pundit sees chaos in his bubble.

Paul Waldman over at writes this hilarious article describing the supposed upcoming liberal backlash that he believes will push back on the Trump wave of conservatism taking over the Supreme Court.

He attempts to portray the current liberal outrage as a growing movement by trying to align to historical events that, shall we say, require an “liberal” leap of faith.

As political theorist Corey Robin wrote in his book The Reactionary Mind (originally published in 2011 and recently updated), conservatism is at its heart about “the felt experience of having power, seeing it threatened, and trying to win it back.” Robin argued that from its roots with Edmund Burke in 18th-century England, conservatism has always been a reaction to any attempt by any disenfranchised group to demand or seize some measure of power and the benefits that come with it.

That applied to peasants in the French Revolution, to slaves seeking freedom, to workers seeking better employment conditions, to women seeking the vote, or to African Americans and LGBT people seeking civil rights. Conservatives bitterly opposed them all, in the belief that any expansion of rights, resources, and influence granted to supposedly lower and less-deserving groups would mean something was being taken away from those whose rightful place was at the top of society’s hierarchy.

The peasants in the French Revolution were tired of being hungry and ignored by the aristocrats in power.  Republicans went to war and shed blood to free the slaves from the Democrats and the Confederacy.  It was the Democrats who were opposed to the Women’s suffrage movement and rights for African Americans.  And for the LGBT and illegal immigrants, it was Democrats who talked a lot, but did little for either group.

And yet, Waldman continues to make the unsupported claims that a more conservative Supreme Court will roll back progress for initiatives that supposedly has made life better for disenfranchised groups.  He seems to forget that many in those same groups decided Trump was the better choice, ignoring identity politics that are the bedrock of liberal outrage in favor of more opportunities and control of their own lives.

I don’t know of a single republican who wants to take away access to healthcare.  While liberals claim Obamacare lowered the uninsured rate, they ignored the deeper analysis which showed that even those with insurance couldn’t use it because of the high deductibles.

Despite the threat of the individual mandate, young people were slow to embrace the program forcing many insurers off the exchanges.  It never came close to being the successful program Democrats envisioned. And yet, anyone with a reasonable level of intelligence will tell you that if the thing is bad, either fix it or replace it. Democrats plan to fix it involves moving to a government controlled single payer system.

If Obamacare – the brainchild of academics saying deceiving the public is a good thing – doesn’t work, why would a Democrat fashioned single payer system fare any better? I’m sure they’ll point to successes like Venezuela.

I do know that many conservatives want Roe v. Wade to be overturned because it was a bad Supreme Court decision.  However, any chance of overturning that precedent faces many hurdles.  While liberals claim there is no absolute constitutional right, especially  the Second Amendment, they are adamant this judicially constructed right has no limitations.

Even so, Democrats transformed their argument to say that abortion is an important right for women’s health. It’s not, nor has it ever been.  Conservatives are pro-life but more importantly, pro-responsibility.  While you can make the argument that women should have a choice in deciding whether that one night of indiscretion requires you to embrace a life you’re not ready for, liberals see it as a form of birth control as convenient as the pill.  Liberals want to deprive the Constitutional rights of the states to decide for themselves whether to accept their murderous ideology.

Planned Parenthood was established as a quiet form of genocide for African Americans. Like all Democrat institutions, it was turned into a political action group under the guise that abortion, as a right for every woman, is empowering even though a vast majority of Planned Parenthood facilities are located in poor communities that are predominately African American. And no facility offers prenatal care for those who choose life.

It’s nothing more than a killing mill meant to enrich the Democrats in office through campaign contributions even though it receives a half-billion dollars in federal funding with African American’s its largest customer base.   So it’s hard to imagine why any pro-life individual would support such an operation where historically, it has dark motives and is based on deception that funds political activity which Democrats embrace.

The real reason liberals are upset has more to do with their desire to use the Supreme Court as a vehicle for legislative fiat to advance their agenda.  Obama spent time stacking the courts with judges who believe in advancing social issues.  So is it any wonder that most lawsuits against the Trump Administration are before judges he appointed?  I’m not much into conspiracy theories, but it seems rather odd that Obama appointed district court judges are prone to issue nation-wide injunctions on executive orders using extremely frail legal arguments, and in some cases, without or even against precedent.  Such an action under Obama would be considered “judicial activism” under democrat rules.

And yet, despite all of Waldman’s fake outrage, the real revolt is only happening in liberal strongholds.  They aren’t protesting in the areas Trump won and taking on the “inbred rednecks of rural America”.  Instead, they are marching in familiar liberal big city territory in front of a sympathetic media that is suffering their own crisis of integrity.  Waldman is a victim of his own echo chamber and it’s laughable as he projects.

What Waldman, like his fellow liberal journalists and elite cohorts, fail to grasp is that they are why Trump won and continues to gain momentum among the electorate.  The liberal backlash is nothing more than toddler tantrum for an America that never materialized, but convinced it would be a “tolerant and happy utopia funded by big business and big government.”

Throughout the article, Waldman applies the same tired racist and intolerant tropes on conservatives and their constituents who defy the liberals ideology despite indisputable contemporary and historical evidence that liberals are the real bigots. A greater number of American voters were tired of being told how to live, what to think, refuse to live as labels, and frustrated the government and the elite cared little about the real issues confronting them. Liberals only like you if conform to their world views.  Otherwise, you don’t know what’s good for you.

I’m sure Marie Antoinette lamented how the peasants are only hurting themselves while being led up the steps of the platform.


2 thoughts on “Liberal Backlash?

  1. “As political theorist Corey Robin wrote in his book The Reactionary Mind (originally published in 2011 and recently updated), conservatism is at its heart about “the felt experience of having power, seeing it threatened, and trying to win it back.””

    Um, isn’t that a description of the left since election night 2016? Fer crissake, they ran two to four “investigations” into Trump — who has probably had an IRS-supplied proctological exam every year since the mid-80s — in an attempt to manufacture find any dirt on him!

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  2. The Democrats, NeverTrumpers, and GOPe are acting so much like the Bourbons of the 1780s it’s pathetic. Fortunately for them, there’s little likelihood of them being guillotined.

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