One Year Anniversary


It was one year ago this past week…

It was a year ago that I sent my response to Bill Schmalfeldt’s demands after he doxxed me.

Of course, like everything he does this did not work in his favor.

Since then, he’s threatened to take me to court on numerous occasions.  His last attempt to get me to remove all the posts I have made regarding his Parkinson’s Disease, or lack thereof, resulted in nothing.  All of his predictions of my losing my home, job, wife, fortune and so on have also failed to come to pass.

Right now, Schmalfeldt is running silent and derp.  He has been visiting this site, though. Despite his attempt to claim the Rule 5 posts are illusions of a horny teenager, he sure does like looking at them.  He spent a couple days going through so many of them my hit counts spiked.  I wonder what his “girlfriend” would say about him ogling the pretty Rule 5 ladies.  And yes, he looks at them everyday.

Many of you all have been extremely supportive for which I offer my sincere thanks and gratitude.  Make no mistake: I am not threatened by Schmalfeldt or his petty games.

He unwisely tangled with John Hoge.  While he spent a lot of internet time trying proclaim himself the bigger man in the Hoge v. Team Kimberlin round, he ended up not showing up for the trial he said would never happen. It was actually the best move on his part because things might have been very different had he taken the witness stand.

Need proof?  Sarah Palmer got him on the stand where he immediately sunk his own ship.  Had he stayed away, he might have had a better chance and that’s pretty sad.

I am of the belief that he will eventually sue me.  And when it happens, I will be ready.  It will obviously be a barn burner.. as in a large plane crashing into a barn and blowing up in flames. At least the flames will keep the popcorn and butter warm.


Happy Anniversary!


6 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary

  1. His convicted felon, domestic terrorist bomber friend can’t even manage effective brass knuckles reputation management.

    How did you ever think this was going to work out for you, DUMBFUCK?

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