Let me see if I understand this: Anyone reading posts of his opinions, music, and anecdotes of his overly dull life on a publicly accessible website is stalking?

So could I say the same about him when he browses my blog?

Bill Schmalfeldt – Internet Stalker Troll.. comes with restraining orders.



12 thoughts on “Umm…

    • It’s looking more and more that it’s going long odds against him not filing. He’s in the “working himself up to getting the nerve to think about starting to write the complaint” mode. He’s not quite spinning fast enough to be farther along the curve than that. I’d be surprised if he waits for the cub scouts to be back in school before he files, though.

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      • I wonder if he found a synapse to fire, because it’s been some time since his last lolsuit. I’m wondering if some small part of him realizes another trip to court is not in his best interests.

        Maybe he even knows that it’s not possible to prove that saying that he’s faking an illness in order to bilk the government is actionable when referring to him and his supposed Parkinson’s.

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        • Question: can you challenge someone’s fitness to represent themselves? It would be hilarious to watch Bill try to thread the needle that he’s REALLY, TRULY ill, too ill to work, and that it’s defamatory to express doubt about just how ill he is BUT he’s healthy enough to represent himself in court — despite previously having argued that he’s too ill to even appear in court!

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