The NFL’s decline.


Jerry Jones tried to get rid of the Commissioner, but ended up being fined.

Liberals have ruined American sports.  ESPN is dying.  Pro-teams have become nothing more than platforms for “social justice”.  When it used to be a favorite weekend outlet for millions of Americans during the fall, the league and it’s players are bent on using fan ticket money and celebrity for social justice causes.

The Philadelphia Eagles is the latest to show red-white and blue fans the league and its employees don’t care for American values.  When the Trump administration realized that only a small handful of players were to show up in celebration for their Super Bowl victory, he pulled the plug.  Some players were to use their absence as a statement.

Way to go, dumbasses.

Trump loves the spotlight as much as anyone but also recognizes the people who elected him to office deserve to see their sports team go to the White House to celebrate with their champions. If self-absorbed overpaid players want to politicize their game, the fans, already fuming with their antics last season, have good reason to not to attend games or even watch.

While many on the left have expressed faux outrage that Trump pulled the plug, the overlooked question is why the league office has been silent.  If the NFL represents America and it’s traditions, Goodell shank punted an opportunity to show the kneeling fiasco from the previous year was over.

It hasn’t and will only push away more fans from it’s dwindling base. How can Americans see the NFL honoring the heroes of the military when it allows its employees to openly mock and degrade the Commander in Chief, adored by most of the military and who is also duly elected by those same fans?

Last year, the NFL saw it’s ratings fall by nearly double digits.  Privately, the networks expressed deep concern of the continuing fallout of players disrespect for the anthem. Crowd shots had to be carefully coordinated to keep many empty seats out of frame.

This is what the liberals wanted – to destroy any and all traditional American institutions. Goodell seems to be a willing participant as well as the owners and players. Sadly, the future generation of kids looking to play in the sport can only sit by and watch as the current crop of spoiled misfits destroy the business.

So much for being role models.



5 thoughts on “The NFL’s decline.

  1. I have to agree with this. It seems like the NFL (and I’m talking collectively of the players, the owners, and the league itself) has taken the approach of “how can we do the exact wrong thing next?” Do they really not understand who their customer base is? Those latte-sipping, pussy-hat wearing Liberals are NOT the ones buying stadium seats or licensed merchandise.

    And when you add in the issue that the officiating is dreadful and becoming a huge factor in the outcome of the game play itself, you have a lot of people who are no longer “fans”. I won’t watch any game where “my” team isn’t playing anymore, and I note which products advertise during games and buy their competitors when I can.

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  2. There is arrogance in the NFL, arrogance of a “always were, always will be” type. That’s why they still try to charge what they do for tickets, official mercy, etc.

    I for one gave up on the Nothing-but Felons League years ago, and I’m glad to see NFL attendance is starting to look like the Rio Olympics.

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