Moar Twitter violations..


Moar rebranding.

South Carolina progressives living on the government dole are creating more twitter accounts:

He is of the belief he can build an internet radio station with a following.  The question is, how is he going to get all that baggage in the same room?

Besides, isn’t their a lolsuit to be filed?


4 thoughts on “Moar Twitter violations..

  1. Sirius/XM has a channel that plays nothing (well, almost) but old time radio shows. The host, Greg Bell, works with a company called Radio Classics to get cleaned up copies of the shows and obeys all the copyrights that still apply.

    Schmalfeldt — late, lazy, and unoriginal.

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    • He has a history of infringing on trademarks. This will not end up any better than his last attempts. Then again, anything he does seems to turn to crap, so it may not even matter. Most likely, the Live365 free period will run out followed shortly by another abandoned account.

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