Was it something we said?


Block 19 of the Feldtchart..

Yesterday, we reported that Schmalfeldt was taking flack for one of his tweets.  A #Resistance fighter called him out for wanting a person named Patrick to kill himself.

Afterwards, he checked this and other websites looking for butthurt and promptly protected his account.

He views those who protect their accounts as pussies and cowards.  An email to Breitbit News asking for clarification if the editor is now a pussy and coward bounced back as unreachable.

If we receive anything, we’ll let you know.


5 thoughts on “Was it something we said?

  1. That is par for the course for a “Frothy Artless Wagtail”**.

    **Translation of those lacking intellect:
    “Without skill or finesse of little substance sycophant”

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