When the #Resistance calls you out.

He tweets:

One of his blue wave resistance followers replied..

She should also ask him what happened to Onyx.


15 thoughts on “Heh..

  1. I would say she has his number.

    Mom.❤️cooking|🌎|history|writing. P/T policy wonk; fulltime nerd; professional cat herder. Proudly helped CT #FlipItBlue. Opinions mine. #TheResistance

    But you know what they say “Don’t fuck crazy!”.

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  2. Poor monoplacental twin – fully obsessed over someone who isn’t even on the Internet any more, as far as I can tell.

    I suppose it would be somewhat funny (if a little morbid) to learn that guy’s been dead for some time while my brother continues to think he’s doing some sort of harm.

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  3. He no longer tries to be original or creative in his attempted Twitter takedowns of the horde:

    1) “There are more people reading this tweet tonight than will ever read his blog” — This is a complete fantasy of the Cabin Boy and he knows it. He has no followers, listeners or readers after his entire life because nobody gives a shit about him. And he has seen this exact thought written on TFS blogs for years.
    2) “Take the cure” — Hummmmmm………I wonder how he came up with this brilliant gem?

    Bill you suck at everything, but at least try to be original.

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