Where to begin…



He tweets …

.. which is a retweet of this…

.. and apparently forgot about this:

And while he supports #MeToo, tweets this:

When it comes to his credibility, he seems on target..


13 thoughts on “Where to begin…

  1. I would advise the dumbfuck to quit before he gets a tweet.

    Seems like every one of these type tweets of the President come to pass.

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  2. I’ve met Dana’s husband Chris. DUMBFUCK would wet himself and run away with his skirt over his head given the opportunity to say that to his face.

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  3. I suggest we all reserve judgment for the moment…

    Says the DUMBF5CK Bill Schmalfeldt who never hesitates to pass judgment at the earliest opportunity. Concerning unproven allegations against Mr. Hoge (safe link): “Matt, that was an appropriately brutal and true depiction of events.

    …but I am aware enough to know that having a (D) after one’s name doesn’t mean one can’t be an asshole.

    Sexually assaulting several women is a little bit worse than being an asshole, don’t you think?

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    • In Bill’s world, sexually assaulting woman BOOSTS your cred. After all, look at all the times he’s publicly threatened woman and called them horrible misogynist names. What other conclusion can you draw from his own many public statements?

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