Liberals “Healthcare is a right” thing..


California, we have a problem.

In the socialist most regulated state of California where liberals are all about rights, the service workers supporting the university medical system have had enough of “income disparity.

They are going on strike for what they perceive as a widening pay gap between administrators and the workers at the bottom.  The nurses union has decided to hold a sympathy strike to support the workers.  In case you’re wondering, Obamacare has no provision for striking health care workers.

Remember this when liberals tell you that health care is a right, especially government provided services. Where do the people providing the services fit into the equation?

Low income individuals and students who are dependent on the state medical system will have to hope nothing bad happens to them while legislators work to address the problem.

California’s worker paradise is having problems despite the state’s recent celebration of Karl Marx’s birthday.



3 thoughts on “Liberals “Healthcare is a right” thing..

  1. I never understood why so many outside of California are worried that California could vote to leave the union when the reality is California should be worried the other 49(*) vote to kick them out.

    (*) unless you’re Barry Soetoro in which case that number is higher.

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  2. the democrats are still the party of slavery….
    no one is entitled to someone else’s labor period.
    “healthcare” isn’t some intangible idea, it’s an actual commodity.
    while access to healthcare (you can’t be denied service because of your sex, gender, color etc.) is a right, the actual healthcare isn’t. It’s someone else’s labor, you have to pay for it in some way.
    Otherwise it’s slavery.

    it’s amazing that there are so many grown ass people who cannot or refuse to see this.

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