This is why you can’t trust the press


Bubbles bursting everywhere!

Ran across this gem.

Virginia’s twitter bio says she’s a contributing writer to Wired, LA Times Opinion, and MSNBC.  She lamented that Trump is the stepfather who will rape his children.  She views the media as the wife who enables his heinous behavior.

I blame Obama.  Journalists eagerly signed up to be his side chick.  They provided cover as long as they appeared credible.  While Obama did whine that the media was unfair, it was not a serious complaint.  Leaked emails from Jon Podesta corroborated the extent the media was sleeping with the administration.

Hefferman’s characterization as viewed through a parental lens is precisely what Obama implored the country to turn away from after the Gabby Giffords shooting – that is until the 2012 campaign. He told liberals to get in the faces of conservatives to make their points and to shout them down.

The communities that elected Trump were tired of being lectured. They suffered enough under liberal policies meant to keep them in line while harming their future potential.  Virginia and her cronies collaborated to meet those objectives.

Hillary counted on votes she didn’t earn.  The left thought they were going to keep their elite positions for another four and perhaps eight years.  Trump ended that  by listening to the oppressed communities and placing the blame back on the press.  She is a complicit member of the press.  Her choice of analogy makes no sense.

While she chooses to intensify the extreme outrage, most folk will recognize the truth: Another liberal who fears stepping outside her bubble into the real world.  If you can’t get the analogy right, how can we trust you to be a reporter?

Poor snowflake.


1 thought on “This is why you can’t trust the press

  1. Chris Rock did this too, sadly. I tried watching his new Netflix special and quit after the first joke.

    The Left is mentally and emotionally disturbed.

    I don’t suppose he still thinks that about The President.

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