AP admits it can’t control the President


This should have been their headline.

In a whiny article, the AP is sullen that President Trump has not held a traditional White House press conference in over a year.  As it states in the article:

Margaret Talev, a longtime White House reporter and president of the White House Correspondents Association, said the association welcomes Trump’s “openness to engage on a regular basis, in pool sprays in the Oval Office and less traditional settings such as South Lawn departures.”

But, she said, “We have been disappointed at his reluctance to engage in regular full-format news conferences and we will continue to encourage him and his team to return to the practice. Such news conferences help the public to gain a deeper understanding of a president’s thinking on an issue; show transparency and accountability; allow journalists to raise questions the public may be concerned about; and also allow a president to shape his message.”

Another way to interpret this: The press stamps their feet because they can’t corral the president and set up him up with trick questions. They want the last word on how readers should view Trump.

In short: It’s who controls the narrative. The press has not hidden the fact they are adversarial to Trump as president, yet, they are responsible for his election.  During the primaries, they covered Trump whenever he asked.  They rejected him as a possible candidate for office but were eager to exploit him to increase ratings and support the Democrats in decimating the Republican field.

The press achieved their goal during the primaries. It backfired in the general election. Since then, they have been struggling to find measures to supplant the voters decision they helped to persuade in electing him.

Instead of accepting the will of the people, the press covers the administration as a reality show. Ironically, they feared early on it might turn into one. Look at the Stormy Daniels fiasco.  Trump’s past dalliances were ignored at the voting booth. The press refuses to learn their lesson.

Each new outrage spawns excitement on social media, only to fizzle out hours later despite cable news outlets continuous covers.  How many days did we have to endure the phrase “shit country”?

While they push stories created to further outrage, polls show voters like what Trump is doing. The White House Correspondence Dinner did them no favors.  Even worse, a recent poll suggests millennial enthusiasm for Democrats is dwindling.

Expect journalism to hit the administration hard as the November midterms approach. Democrats are seeking ideas to hurt Trump now that impeachment talk has waned. Mueller’s investigation may not end up in indictments against Trump.  Economic gains through Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda will be troublesome to campaign against.

So the media will need a few Hail Mary’s to assist in the blue wave.  Perhaps the media might consider going back to respected journalism principles.  Or not.

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