About that White House Correspondence Dinner.


A lot of noise about something I didn’t watch.

Saturday night’s White House Correspondence Dinner didn’t disappoint. Billed as a celebration for the First Amendment, it turned into something wholly different.

Some comedian named Michelle Wolf made intensely personal attacks on Sarah Sanders and other women in the Trump administration.  Seems only fitting that a progressive woman in a disparaged group is obliged to break the rules for tolerance and acceptance simply for associating with the president.

I had to laugh at all this because I can imagine how quickly President Obama might have reacted had someone made similar attacks on Valerie Jarrett or other women serving under his regime.  Then again, the eternal adoration of President Obama automatically excluded vitriolic comedy routines directed towards those serving in his administration no matter how much it might be justified.

Of course, it was Seth Meyers in his 2011 appearance followed by President Obama’s digs at Donald Trump that may have demonstrated in hindsight to be a bad idea.  Trump exploited the media’s favoritism towards the Obama and Hillary Clinton that helped secure his place in the White House.  The clips and news stories appearing all over the internet are sure to present voters another dose of just how terrible the press is at being unbiased.

The WHCD directors have published a mea culpa that may prove detrimental in November.  The event’s intent is for the administration and the press to poke fun at each other, but instead, turned into an anti-Trump rally topped off by Wolf’s “mean girl” comedy routine.  It did give cause for Bill Schmalfeldt to make pee-pee messes in his britches.

As far as I’m concerned, the event upheld the traditions of the First Amendment:  The Press showed their true allegiance.  Some in the press have recognized it for what it really is: An unabashed celebration of the bias in the press, one that got Trump elected in the first place.

You’d think they learn by now.  Nope.


4 thoughts on “About that White House Correspondence Dinner.

  1. No one can honestly accuse the overall “press” of being very bright. As a group they tend to be among the dumbest in college. J-school is for those who cant’ hack the College of Education. They know nothing of much value and learn little if anything. Trump is beating them like a cheap tin drum.
    They deserve it. No wonder Fill Fakinson claims he *was* a journalist. He’d fit right in. At the bottom, of course. Way, way at the bottom.

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  2. Do you want more Trump, Brother Bill?

    Because this is exactly how you get more Trump.

    Michelle Wolf has written some firecracker GOP campaign ads for the fall, if they have the sense to use them.

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  3. In all fairness, what was said at the dinner is EXACTLY how the left view the constitutionally protected freedom of speech.
    it protects THEIR right to say what ever crass classless thing that floats into their brain pans towards anyone they disagree with, but it only protects them.
    Anyone on the opposite side, who should make the mistake of thinking they can publicly be a crass and nasty towards the left is being hateful and must shut up.

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