More evidence of “collusion”


Not the Russian kind.

I’m talking about collusion to indoctrinate your children in leftist ideology.

Valenti is a terrible parent. I also see her as dangerous. She advocates using social justice to indoctrinate children.  As a parent, the last thing my kids need are theories of sexuality and identity at this stage of their childhood.

Teachers often complain about low salary, shortage of supplies, large classroom sizes, and failure of the administration to support the faculty.  There was a time when teachers limited their curriculum to the essentials of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Now they use their scant resources to the end goal of progressive social justice.

There was a time folks considered this as child abuse. Teaching children about sexuality at such a young age would culminate in a visit from the Sherriff’s office along with Child Protective Services.  Today, it’s about influencing, if not forcing a kid to pick a sexuality he or she may not understand or wish.  Mental health is now second nature to the whims of radical political purity.

Parents don’t want schools to help kids interpret “confused feelings”. Feelings of sexuality pop up from time to time during their natural growth and development. Children are inquisitive. They explore their feelings but it doesn’t mean there is confusion about their identity.

Even worse, the labels, as shown in the picture, reinforce the notion that your natural characteristics matter above your character.  Imagine as a seven-year-old white boy the teacher tells you that you have “white privilege”.  Because of this you must give way to other “non-white male” students since white people of the past took part in injustice.  How does a second-grade student cope with a label that forces him subservient from a history he never experienced?

Instructing students to comply with labels and identities based on political ideology only creates problems. People with gender-dysphoria have a suicide rate of over 40%.  Having kids question their own sexual identity at such a young age make this worse when biology takes over and the realization the adults misjudged their earlier confusion.

Liberals are quick to point to studies where this is acceptable. They also neglect to reveal that the authors have agendas from degrees in “insert protected class” subjects.  These same courses, as Robert Stacy McCain has demonstrated in comprehensive investigation, are nothing more than progressive indoctrination disguised as academia.

Sadly, Valenti’s kid may grow up a resentful, confused person.  If so, Valenti will have to deal with the consequences of her own making. Other parents should come forward and stop this madness. I know if my kid was in her class, I would remove him or her from that harmful environment.



8 thoughts on “More evidence of “collusion”

  1. “Sadly, Valenti’s kid may grow up a resentful, confused person. If so, Valenti will have to deal with the consequences of her own making.”

    pffffttt, not likely, she, like most proggies will simply blame the cis-normative hetero patriachy for any/all problems her kid may develop.

    Being a progressive leftists means never having to accept the consequences of your policies as your own fault after all

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