Broadway Bill starts his new gig


Wonder how long this will last?

This tweet says it all. Emigration from Milwaukee to Western Iowa?  I thought he started in South Carolina?  He told the station manager he was from Washington, D.C.

He defied a judge’s order to appear claiming a ten-hour bus ride from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Westminster, Maryland was painful due to Stage IV Parkinson’s Disease.

And yet, he traveled from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Earlier this year, he traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico by bus over three days.

The lies continue unabated. His past will catch up to him. While I would hope he might be smart enough to keep his head, there is at least one other person who would like him to answer for his past transgressions.

The question is: How long can he keep his past a secret? All that baggage of butt-hurt will not be easy to hide.


9 thoughts on “Broadway Bill starts his new gig

  1. It would be funny if someone faxed the relevant passages from his correspondence with the court about this (bonus points if the letter includes his SC address). Even funnier would be his testimony about his sinusoidal fakinsons requiring bedrest every 10 minutes.

    Hopefully someone also notified social security that he has income from a job he claimed he couldn’t do. After all he is probably happy he is no longer disabled… so happy he forgot to have a conversation fed to fed about it.

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  2. Apparently not, just like filing papers claiming you’re a pauper doesn’t stop you from flying from Timmerman (MWC, a class D airport) to Denison (DNS, a class E airport).

    If being a pauper means u can afford to charter a flight, sign me up!

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  3. Hmm… On further review there are no bus stops within an hours drive of the station. So either he chartered a flight on a pauper income or he had to drive even though his fakinsons meant he had to turn in his license.

    And then he thinks is such a mystery why everyone calls William Schmalfeldt a valor stealing, Parkinson’s faking liar as he starts work at KDSN

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    • The only flight from Milwaukee to anywhere near Denison lands in Omaha NE. About 56 miles from Denison. Wonder how much an Uber costs for that trip?

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  4. Wouldn’t surprise me if the pauper bought a car in Omaha then drove it himself. William Schmalfeldt now working for KDSN has lied about so many things in the past 5 years from his military record to where he lives to faking a disease nothing would surprise me anymore.

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