7 thoughts on “Fun Fact of the Day

  1. So, true story, a former coworker was the junior photographer for the Niles (Ohio) Daily Times. Cheech & Chong were playing at the local hall, the paper got tickets. Nobody was interested, so the young (1 year out of high school) cub photographer “took one for the team” and agreed to go backstage with Cheech Morin and Tommy Chong.

    So this young kid is hanging out backstage with Cheech and Chong. Suddenly one of them asks, “Hey kid, what paper are you with?” He sheepishly says “You’ve never heard of it, it’s the Niles Daily Times.” They start hooting and pointing, chanting “The Niles Daily Times! The Niles Daily Times!”

    He says, hey come on, I know you’ve never heard of it. They say, no, it was founded by XYZ. And they were right!!!

    He says, how do you know that? They say, he sold the paper, moved to Hollywood, and now he’s our manager. And any time we’re screwing around in the studio, he comes in and yells at us, “Dammit people, how many times to I have to tell you this is a quality operation!!! Where do you think you are, the Niles Daily Times?”

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