It’s like the GOP wants to give away the mid-terms.


How’s that draining the swamp thing going?

Earlier today, President Trump signed the omnibus bill that contains many broken promises campaigned on by GOP candidates. Apparently, avoiding a government shutdown and handing out goodies to keep it open are the real principles.

Trump, for all his boasting about wanting to drain the swamp, argued that having a massive military budget, which is YUUUGGE, was sorely needed.

But no funding for the wall, continued funding for more murder of innocent babies by an organization founded by a racist, and sparse immigration enforcement clearly could not get the President to push back.

Schumer gets more money for a bridge in a city run by liberals that has been in decline since Bloomberg got a second term. Sanctuary cities continue to receive funding.  And new curbs on free speech on the internet with the passage of the FOSTA bill which now holds internet service providers liable if they don’t police content that may contribute to prostitution.  These are boasts that GOP candidates can take with them on the trail.

In this very politicized environment, the opportunity to put the screws to the Democrats and energize Republican voters was obviously not on the mind of the GOP leadership. Instead, it was about keeping the government open and ensuring they have votes to pass a spending spree budget, offering sweetheart deals to Democrats and breaking one of the key provisions of the GOP platform of fiscal responsibility.

So far, we still have the Obamacare disaster, trillions in unfunded liability, another $2 trillion added to the debt, and our elected representatives gave themselves more perks and pay raises.  Who cares if your constituents believed you.

Trump may be able to explain this away as a military priority.  He may even show his tax cuts, voters ballooning 401K’s, and better job opportunities  are a direct result of his actions.  But as long core priorities such as smaller government, less burdensome regulations, better taxes, embracing life at conception, and returning power to communities are ignored, his time will be limited.



9 thoughts on “It’s like the GOP wants to give away the mid-terms.

    • I don’t think anybody ever thought Trump was a conservative. Much as I like most of the things he’s done it’s always been clear to me that Trump doesn’t believe in anything but Trump.

      Blame for the latest spending bill goes to McConnell and Ryan. They, and their fellow committee Republicans, are the ones who permitted all the awfulness. President Schumer pretty much got everything he wanted. Speaker-to-be Pelosi managed to get WRITTEN IN TO LAW ‘no wall.’

      Donald Trump, political amateur, got rolled by both parties. He’ll lose the House this fall. That guarantees impeachment (but no conviction in the Senate). FedGov stays tangled up for the next 2.5 years.

      CNN ratings continue to rise. NYTimes gets a stay of execution. DJT likely realized this Saturday morning that he’ll never get the wall and will be furious he allowed his advisors to overrule his veto instinct. If he’s smart he’ll declare he’s not running for re-election; get it done now before the next Playboy bunny crawls out of the woodwork. And then The Donald should concentrate on doing everything he can to obstruct Democrat priorities now and for years to come. Won’t win but can slow them down.

      It’s going to be a ugly ride. I continue to sleep (ever so slightly-) soundly, however, because things would have been so much worse under the rule of The Dowager Empress of Chappaqua. Country dodged a bullet there.

      Our only hope is that Hillary runs in 2020. Against Mike Pence or Ted Cruz.

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    • So, we got roughly the same federal budget we might have had with Clinton. You know why I’m not tearing my hair out over it? We don’t have Clinton. We don’t have Merrick Garland. We have an enormous regulatory rollback. We have a pretty significant tax cut. I never thought Trump was conservative, but he has governed, in the main, far more conservatively than I thought likely, or even possible.

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    • Reasonable point and we DON’T know. Cruz is a conventional Conservative. He’s also a fairly conventional politician. Trumps strength is that he’s not conventional and therefore he looks around and says, “I don’t care this is the way it’s always been it’s still bullshit!”

      OTOH, Cruz knows how the system works and Trump doesn’t. Think about it: Trump and his staff should have seen the handwriting on the calendar and KNOWN they were going to get a budget on very very short notice. Trump should have kicked Congressional ass to ensure he received the budget middle of February.

      Instead. He got it 2 days before a shutdown would be required. Literally a gun to his head with no room to maneuver. Trump didn’t maneuver with a veto; which was all he had left.

      Am I right this latest disaster only funds the rest of FY-18? We’ll need a new budget for all of FY-19 which starts this fall. Now, the Dems intend going forward with a continuing resolution which just continues the current omnibus. But. And. So-

      Trump should DEMAND 8 separate budget bills (no more dumpster omnibus) and get up or down votes this September. Let’s have a fight. Fund the wall. Fund the military. Pull back most everything else even knowing SS and Medicare are impossible. Threaten to shut down the gov’t (and follow through if necessary) but let’s have the fight BEFORE the 2018 elections.

      The American Public can choose after that.

      And that’s all for me today. I need to get my resume up to date so I can submit myself for Whitehouse Chief Strategist. Not that I want to take a pay cut but, clearly, the President and the country needs me.


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