There is no conspiracy!


Judge dismisses claim of industry conspiracy.

From the Daily Caller:

San Francisco and Oakland filed suit against five major companies, including Exxon and Chevron, demanding money for damages global warming allegedly caused. A core component of their suit is fossil fuel companies “engaged in a large-scale, sophisticated advertising and public relations campaign” to promote fossil fuels while they “knew” their products would contribute to “dangerous global warming.”

The cities’ suits against oil companies, however, do not show an industry conspiracy to suppress climate science from the public, U.S. District Judge William Alsup said, according to journalists who attended the hearing.

Perhaps the judge concluded that the liberals running city governments were too busy trying to convince themselves of something that wasn’t there.  Judge Alsup wants to get the facts, just the facts, and not the narrative.  Liberals see themselves as victims, and in climate science, it’s no different.

In fact, the opposite is true:  Scientists-turned-activists have been busy trying to suppress skeptics from writing and publishing in journals unless they adhere to doctrine. And often, papers that support “the cause” are simply rubber stamped without so much as checking the math work.

Still, the case isn’t over, but this certainly blows a huge hole in the effort of cities who want to use the courts to scrape profits from the oil industry on fake data and bad science.

2 thoughts on “There is no conspiracy!

  1. This is the case where the plaintiffs were outraged that the defense relied upon the IPCC reports rather than a more skeptical approach to climate science. Of course, they also pointed to the current temperature records to show how exaggerated the climate science community’s predictions have always been.

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