Weird week.


I don’t know, man.  Things are getting pretty weird around here.

Trump campaigned on shoring up the Second Amendment.  This week, he suggested that due process take a back seat when grabbing guns from people that might have a mental illness.  The next day, he had a meeting with NRA and now it seems we don’t know where he’s going with this.

Of course, some members of the GOP seemed ready to help him. Republican Senator Susan Collins offered legislation to bar someone from firearms if they are on the “No Fly” list.  You know, that No Fly list that is supposed to be for suspected terrorists and occasionally (a lot) innocent people get put on?

Trump also campaigned on trade tariffs and protectionist policies to help boost US companies. He mentioned steel and aluminum on the trail.  On Thursday, he decided to make it official. Not saying it was a smart move, but really? How did people not know this? Oh yeah, they are busy telling us all how much the White House is in disarray while some historians say that Trump’s agenda is being implemented at a pretty fast clip.

Liberals are upset that things are too political, even though they decided to harass companies that offered discounts to NRA members.  So when Delta chose the PR gambit to jump on the left’s bandwagon by discontinuing discounts to NRA members, the Georgia legislature removed an amendment to legislation that would have preserved a 2015 fuel tax exemption that saves the airline around $40 million a year.

Today, Delta announced that it was for the Second Amendment, but then it was reported that only thirteen times had NRA members actually used the discount.  So not only was the discount hardly used, but may have lost many more customers.  What is weird is that the “corporate subsidy” is gone, and yet, you’d think Democrats would be happy about it.

Social media platforms fact checkers are working overtime to get the real news out, so much so that Snopes is now fact checking parody sites, and Facebook actually acted on it. I don’t know what’s funnier, that Snopes didn’t realize that The Babylon Bee was a parody site, or that Facebook actually acted on it.  The lulz muscles got a bit of a workout on that.

And Barbara Streisand cloned her dogs, and wrote an article in the New York Times about it. Hollywood people are so weird.


4 thoughts on “Weird week.

  1. Also, they talk about the “No Fly List” which is sorta vetted, although one woman got put on it literally because the cop misread the form (he checked the boxes that applied, it was “check all that don’t apply”) so on the list she went, because she was at a party once that a Person of Interest also went to. She won a trial about it, but couldn’t attend, because hey, no fly list. And she has been cleared, but can’t get a visa, because hey, she was on the list.

    But that list is bad enough, somehow when they write the ban, they always end up saying the “heightened scrutiny” list instead, which is bigger, less well vetted, and just as hard to get off of. But it’s also harder to find out you’re on, you just keep getting singled out for Gate Rape everytime you fly…

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  2. Babs Streisand is undoubtedly among those “Caring Lefties” (TM) who really, truly care about the income gap. But instead of giving some of her income to the poor, she uses it to clone her dog. Go figure.

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