Dumbass Tweet O’ Day


Some days, you just can’t even..

Innocent until proven guilty maybe?

Besides the fact that the system itself broke which allowed the Parkland Shooter to murder 17 people, it also seems to have prevented students from staying awake in civics class.  The shooter could have been stopped by people within the system itself had they merely done their jobs.

I get that today the President said taking guns first and worry about due process later has gotten some pushback.. and yet..

If it isn’t now obvious, it should be: Conservatives NEED to get out IN RECORD NUMBERS and vote in the primaries and midterms.



5 thoughts on “Dumbass Tweet O’ Day

    • With all the educational resources, no one should be ignorant. On the other hand the media have managed to entertain people and prevented them from taking anything seriously besides their own feelings. Just ask the Romans about their bread and circuses!

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  1. Well, this whole thing has been waaaaaay blown up to levels of stupidity.

    If you wave even an unloaded weapon in the street and scream death to evil, your weapon will be confiscated immediately and not returned, in about every jurisdiction anywhere.

    No court order needed, the police, will take it. Hire a lawyer, see if ever a judge, okay Maryland, is going to give it back.

    Nowreplace the street with social media, waving a gun and saying the killing starts tomorrow, the result will be the same.

    Gun laws I would propose is this

    18 years old
    Purchase any revolver
    Any bolt or lever action rifle

    Revolvers can be concealed and carried in all 50 states 38 caliber or less, no permit needed absolutely no waiting times for revolvers

    21 years old
    Any legal weapon
    With conceal and carry permits which are national, any pistol can be carried, no phasers or disrupters.

    High capacity magazines will be outlawed and replace with registered magazines that will undergo background checks.

    There will be a 1500 percent tax on magazines greater than 15
    All semi automatic rifles must have a three year tax stamp of 75 dollars per year. Shotguns 50, rifles 25, revolvers 15, pistols 25

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