Didn’t think that out very well..


Broward County Sheriff Deputies did not enter here either..


Handgun vs. Shotgun. In Oklahoma.

I keep hearing from liberals how someone with a handgun doesn’t stand a chance from someone with a rifle or shotgun.

I suppose context has some bearing here.  The robber ended up in critical condition. One of the women ended up with minor injuries. The robber was determined to get the money and was incensed the owners decided to fight back.

He might have better luck in a more liberal city.

Oh wait, they have stricter gun laws?

For the law abiding store owners, yeah.


7 thoughts on “Didn’t think that out very well..

  1. I am grateful that this turned out ok.

    Clerk 1 should have never let that POS advance on her to the point he could grab her. She should have kept backing away to maintain separation, then kept shooting until he wasn’t a threat any more. She is lucky clerk 2 didn’t shoot her accidentally, as they were very close together when the last shot was fired.

    If it comes to discharging your weapon for self defense, then do it 100%.

    That being said, Bravo Zulu to these ladies for not being victims.

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  2. They just interviewed the 2 woman on Live PD. Apparently this guy has committed a string of armed robberies. Also the mother said they were familiar with the guy because he came into their store frequently. That could be why they didn’t respond so quickly.

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