Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel must resign


It’s over, dude.

As more and more details surface regarding Broward County Sheriff’s Department actions in the Nikolas Cruz shooting of students and teachers at Stoneman Douglas High School, it becomes very clear that his department may have been responsible for the deaths of seventeen people.

Broward Country Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson was armed and on the grounds at the time of the shooting, but instead of going into the building when shots began, he waited outside. Later, it was learned that not only Peterson chose to stay outside, but three other Broward County Deputies that arrived also waited.

It was officers from nearby Coral Springs who ended up going in first, including an off duty police officer who was volunteering at the school.  His wife and son were in the building when the shots were heard.

Sgt. Jeff Heinrich was watering the athletic field when he heard the shots and ran towards the building in just shorts and a tee shirt. After giving first aid to the first victims he encountered, he met up with other police officers who handed him a vest and backup gun before going inside.

A true hero that showed courage as an unarmed cop, while an armed deputy of the brave Broward County Sheriff’s office sat outside the building ignoring his training.  And even when this bit of news came out, leftist media not wanting to take away their false narratives about the NRA chose to actually defend Peterson’s woeful inaction.

But the more shocking revelation was Sheriff Israel hiding those very disturbing secrets during his anti-NRA performance on CNN’s fake town hall.  CNN’s culpability was that it forgot its first responsibility to the public is to hold the government accountable and failed to take Israel to task for his department’s own blunders.  It was Dana Loesch who asked the hard questions only to be shouted down while CNN moved the conversation away.

I realize the Sheriff position is political, but there is an expectation that an elected Sheriff is also a steward of the public in managing an organization that protects innocent lives. There is clear and convincing evidence of systemic failures over the course of time in how Nikolas Cruz repeatedly fell through the cracks, and even when opportunities existed on a day to save lives, the Sheriff’s department failed yet again.

All of this happened under Israel’s watch.  And it’s extremely likely that other failures not yet known, are hidden under his leadership.  How would we know this if the media is more interested in activism than journalism?  CNN also failed in it’s position as a self described leader in journalism in favor of rushing to a narrative before all the facts came out.

The Broward County Sheriff’s office dereliction of duty cost the lives of seventeen innocent people on a day that is supposed to be about love. Instead, it turned into a hate fest using young naive victims to vilify an organization and its members, forgetting for a moment that this same group would have performed the job the Sheriff’s deputies could not.  At some point, these students will come to realize how they’ve been played by the left once all the facts and truth comes out.

And even worse, CNN and other leftist media outlets proved Dana Loesch right – they love a mass murder for the ratings. Why have a town hall full of activists so soon before all the facts come out?  The media, of course, became outraged, but the public has seen the vile disservice of  giving the failures of Sheriff Israel a pass while blaming an organization that had nothing to do with the shooting.

Imagine how much different the last week might have been if the media had focused on the massive failures hidden in the Sheriff’s department and local government rather than curry favor with anti-gun activists.  But we’re talking about narratives here, one the Sheriff of Broward County chose to become willing part of to hide his own failings.

Time for Sheriff Israel to resign and an investigation opened into the breakdowns of the department under his leadership.

Wouldn’t hurt to see how CNN and other media outlets may have been complicit in covering some of this up.


3 thoughts on “Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel must resign

  1. Damn Straight

    his self righteous performance at that “town hall” *spit*, all the while knowing his deputies did NOTHING on top of his knowledge that he and his office did NOTHING regardless of all the red flags, was sickening.

    Of course the progressive media would rather focus on NRA, because protecting law abiding citizen’s 2nd amendment rights is somehow responsible for this kid sliding thru mutiple cracks over several years to wind up shooting up his school…..

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