So wait..


Did the bigoted, misogynist transplant to New Mexico just call for armed insurrection?

The fact that any member of the groups who are American citizens can get access to guns as part of their Second Amendment rights seems to have flown over his head, he plainly wants to take it a step further by attempting to incite violence.

If the FBI ever needed an opportunity to improve its reputation among law abiding citizens, this might be a good place to start.


32 thoughts on “So wait..

  1. He really does think everyone else is as racist as he is…

    He also has no understanding of the current gun laws in various places that prohibit such as he is advocating for.
    NO Bill, I’m not saying blacks/hispanics/muslims can’t own guns.
    I’m saying lots of places, such as DC, prohibits open carry like you are suggesting.

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  2. Bill Schmalfeldt, Plumbing the Uttermost Depths of Human (?) Stupidity Since 2000 (or earlier)!!!! Step right up. Step right up!! Not even one thin dime, but Free! Free!! FREE!!! for your enjoyment, edification, and PLM!!!!

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  3. He’s a clown, I remember the couple of times he called me, he really hated it when I laughed at him. He sounded so weasely and weak on the phone.

    He’s trapped in another dark place w a smelly unkempt massive loser.

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  4. As for black men & guns … The MFM cut the head off of a black man – photographically speaking – so that people wouldn’t realize that the open carry advocate who was openly carrying at a Barack Obama speech in Arizona, was himself, also a black man.
    (same story, no picture)

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  5. I can’t imagine anything more frightening to the NRA and other gun huggers than legally armed and militant blacks, hispanics, muslims, gay and other disenfranchised Americans.

    I can – DUMBFUCK in charge of anything more consequential that the flush lever.

    As for the guns, the more the merrier. An armed society is a polite society.

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    • Oh, you want something more frightening, monoplacental bro?

      Have you forgotten that I’ve seen what happens to people unfortunate enough to be between you and a Girl Scout Cookie site sale?

      But even I had to turn away when the Cub Scouts sell their popcorn…

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  6. Should anyone tell him that the NRA was the first group to push for Blacks being allowed to have guns while the Democrats were refusing them their constitutional rights?

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    • We can keep repeating it until we turn blue. He’s convinced that the only reason anyone owns a gun is because they’re terrified of “The Other”. Since he projects more than IMAX, this is clearly his fear expressed.

      One of my first firearm instructors was black. My martial arts teacher? Korean – and he shoots insanely well. My range buddies are of varied backgrounds – one is a black woman, originally from Belize. Most of us are NRA members – I’m also a member of at least two other gun rights organizations. My neighbors are of every possible race and background, and I don’t know how many own firearms, but I’d be willing to bet a lot of them do. Indians, Pakistanis, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Assyrians, Iranians, Whites, Hispanics, Blacks. We all live together. We all get along. We all probably are armed.

      So, who’s got the problem, here, Bill? Not me.

      Laptop, home, because it’s President’s Day.

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        • Yep… the ones that shot at me scared me, too.

          Thankfully they were as skilled at shooting as Dumbfuck is at comedy, satire, doxing, or anything else.

          One asshole had me dead to rights shooting into the FOB from a nearby overpass, but missed me so bad I didn’t even hear the bullet wiz by.

          I laugh now… but pretty sketchy as it was unfolding. LOL!

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        • While I have not been shot at, I have been on the business end of a few weapons. You can count the hairs on a trigger finger without any difficultly in that situation. Oh yeah a 12 ga from 2 feet away looks big enough to swallow an aircraft carrier.

          “Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.”
          Winston Churchill

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    • Bingo. He liberally applied “American” to each “disenfranchised” groups and implies that they need to start a war with White America.

      He seems to forget he is also “White America” and is probably of the very stupid belief that because he believes he is a progressive, he would be able to stand on their side. As long as they don’t Google him.

      But, you know, logic is something he’s never been accused of having in his repertoire of comedy.

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  7. Billy sez: “displaying high-powered long rifles and high capacity ammo clips“, proving his ignorance of guns is as much as his ignorance of people. An AR-15 is not a high powered long rifle, and I believe there is only one rifle that uses clips, and it certainly isn’t the AR-15.

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    • I thought a clip was a device to hold rounds to assist loading into a magazine? I think I remember seeing one used with a buddy’s SKS.

      Now that rapid loaded from Caldwell for ARs (“dump, click, pump “) is sexy. I need a few of them.

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    • I may be mistaken, but an M-1 Garand uses a clip, que pas?

      I shot one as a law enforcement officer and was really shocked when it sprang straight up and hit me on the top of my head.

      Magazine, you dumb fucking idiot racist a-hole.

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