It can’t stop lying.


Yeah, try not to laugh..

If you listen to this nonsense, you will hear him say that he has never had anything “stick” to him.

What about the 12 restraining orders?  Did you forget that?  Remember how you also failed to show up for trial to face Hoge himself?  Talk about a man willing to stand up and defend himself.


And since you already know who I am, I’ll ask:

Who is your employer and what’s the phone number?  You can leave a comment below.

While you’re at it, tell us where you live, since you’re not a coward.  There is mail that needs to be sent to you.

I’ll wait.

12 thoughts on “It can’t stop lying.

  1. Nothing’s funnier than seeing a guy run across country to avoid a court judgment for fees. Hey Bill, guess what? I really didn’t have anything stick to me, I am free of restraint no orders, court judgements, social security inquiries, and hatch act violation investigations.

    Can you say the same?

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  2. Yeah let’s here all about your evidence you had, your late night phone call updates with Dallas pd etc.

    The New Mexico State police would love to hear your confessions I mean thoughts

    Oh and explain your views on child porn, they may sit and watch fascinated by a legal mind

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  3. I haven’t watched the video but it sounds like the usual attempt to spin fail into win.

    But it is an interesting choice of language on the transcript from the Parkinson’s faking, valor stealing shitbag’s part. Almost sounds like a tacit admission of guilt to me.

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  4. I thought he had 13 restraining orders? Oh, the court also found that he violated the settlement agreement he had with Hoge but chose not to punish him for it other then telling him not to do it again. And he was whacked with court sanctions…..that he still hasn’t paid. Yeah, nothing sticks to him except the stink of his failures, and restraining orders, and unpaid sanctions.

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