Trump Derangement Syndrome causes Media to Embrace Brutal Dictators


Or as they say, “Trump in 2020.”

Imagine if you are a dissident who has fled one of the most oppressive and brutal regimes in the world to what is considered the worlds greatest country of freedom and prosperity.

You spend your subsequent years cataloging and reliving the abuse from the dictatorial regime when you see this on the internet:

It was a couple of months prior you saw the dramatic video of a North Korean soldier escaping and learned of the dire circumstances your native country continues to face.

And yet, the media has decided to paint the oppressive regime, and his family members in a favorable light.

For the media to make such comparisons is wholly unique to the current US Media environment.  While it may be true that North Korean overtures for peace are primarily meant as PR opportunities to influence South Korean’s and their distrust of the North, American media outlets have taken the word “gullible” to brand new heights.

In fact, they are openly quoting “experts” saying that Kim Yo Jong is North Korea’s answer to Ivank Trump, President Trump’s oldest daughter.

Ivanka Trump is nothing like Jong, and in no way can you consider Jong to be even in the same class of a person.  One is in support of freedom and empowerment of women and building families.  The other is support of empowerment of her family and killing off families and citizens.

But the media likes one over the other.


It’s hard to know how bad Trump Derangement Syndrome’s effects will be, but it looks like the media is making new ground.

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