Yeah, no…


I don’t think that means what you think it does..

I’ve been pretty busy, you know, being a productive and contributing member of society and after a really long day today, decided to weigh in on something I had noticed earlier:

Um.. let me see if I understand this:  It’s machismo to risk my fortune telling “lies” to anonymous people?

I never realized that actually expressing my opinion, on my own blog, about a certain someone faking a medical diagnosis constituted un hombre machista, much less a risk to my fortune.

And part of the reason I blog about a certain individual is because he didn’t like me posting a tweet his (ex) girlfriend posted on a site that regularly humiliates him.  Once he discovered who I was, his plan was to blackmail me into ratting out all of the other bloggers and become a singing canary in an effort to bring down all his political enemies.

Of course, we all know what happened next.


Which begs the question..

To whom would I be risking my fortune?

This guy?  Mr. Blackmailer?



Yeah, not happening.



14 thoughts on “Yeah, no…

    • From that thread–

      “Would you have the BALLS to make a friendly bet–nothing on the line, I know you lack much in the way of anything–that, oh, say, 3 months from now this blog and Hoge’s and Krendler’s and Dave’s, will all still be up and running? Because for all your bluster what exactly have you accomplished in the way of getting people to stop pointing at you and laughing?

      C’mon Bill! Put your mouth where your mouth is! Or admit that even YOU know how impotent you are.”

      He just forgets how many times he has promised doomy doom upon his enemies and how many times it has failed to happen (that would be all of them).

      Bill! Nobody is scared of you. No. Bod. Y.

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    • I think he knows, but he forgets that he’s learned it from the lessons imparted by this very group, so he thinks he can bluster and fume and bluff.

      This *is* the guy who trots out the “someone’s sold you all out and you’re going down” lie at least once a year.

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  1. “You can end this or you can pay the price for pretending to be macho. The choice is entirely yours.”

    DUMBF5CK is so stoopid and self-unaware it doesn’t realize that choice accurately describes itself. Except I wouldn’t say Bill Schmalfeldt is pretending to be macho. I’d say he’s pretending to be a man. There is another choice DUMBF5CK.

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  2. I’m still praying the valor stealing Parkinson’s faking shitbag files LOLsuit IX. It would be nice to update some “submissions” with a current address. Because William is a man and doesn’t afraid of anything.

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