I guess if you’re going to go out in a blaze of glory..

Dan Rather, the disgraced former anchor of the CBS Evening News is getting a new gig with..

.wait for it..

The Young Turks.


No seriously.  From the CNN Money article:

Rather said that by joining the online outlet he hopes to offer millennials who get news “off the computer or their hand gadget,” some “context and perspective to the news.” He also hopes to reach individuals who chiefly consume the news through right-wing outfits, though he has “no illusions” about how successful he might be.

“If we do this project right, I do think we can have some effect,” he said. “I don’t kid myself that we are going to have much effect on someone who is a follower of Breitbart or Fox News. But even if we can have a little effect — I think some of the authenticity can get through to some of these people.”

For those that have never heard of the The Young Turks, Youtube has a number of vidoes that show just how.. uh.. funny these fools are.


I do love this video about their 2016 Election Night Coverage.  Couldn’t have happened to a nice bunch.


7 thoughts on “Welp..

  1. That old crusty POS violated every journalistic tenant with his GWB Texas National Guard forgeries and he has the frikken gall to place himself on the altar of journalistic integrity and knowledge?

    Get outta here with that shit, you dumbass fossil. Nobody wants to hear anything you got to say.

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