CNN’s Stages of TDS


The month of January is barely half over and CNN is helping psychiatrists determine the evolution and progression of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Now, to be fair, I don’t know what the progression of TDS will be since this is a brand new affliction spreading across liberal cities, news rooms, and coffee shops, but I have a feeling that double digit stages will be carefully documented with studies appearing quickly in medical journals.  Certainly, each day seems to bring out more pearl clutching that most likely will result in oyster farms working overtime to keep up with demand.

When it was reported by less than credible Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois in a meeting about immigration that Trump used the word “shitholes” to describe Haiti and some countries in Africa, CNN went on the offensive using the word on chyron graphics, white boards, and repeating it constantly on almost every show for several days.  You can still see it mentioned at least once an hour.

Durbin was apparently the only source to come forward, although Senator Lindsey Graham provided some cover for his best friend’s account. Others in the room, however, dispute the actual wording, and suggests that other words were also used but in different context.

Trump also denied what Durbin said, but did mention the meeting was tense and probably so. The agreement presented was a half-hearted Congressional effort that gave much more to Democrat’s agenda than Trump had wanted. DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen endured a scathing misogynist verbal beatdown from New Jersey Senator Cory Booker which was highlighted all over CNN programs.

It appears that everyone all the way to the White House is in on it, as if CNN’s Jeff Zucker issued a company wide memo they were going to hammer Trump on this. And with that, Jim Acosta, the newly minted Chief White House correspondent, has decided to up the cray cray.

While in the oval office during a photo session with Trump, Acosta pointedly asked the President if he wanted more people from Norway. When Trump responded he people from everywhere, Acosta decided to push it much further, asking just only from white or Caucasian countries or also from countries with people of color.  Trump ordered him out. Acosta immediately turned victim, which seems to happen everyday.

Today, Jeff Flake decided to call out the President in a mostly empty Senate chamber and compared him to Soviet Leader Joseph Stalin because he is critical of the press. The fact he used similar words that Stalin, and only Stalin used those words apparently,  CNN then went on to host panels that would not only back up Flake’s ridiculous comparisons, but go one step farther into La La Land saying Trump wants to be an aristocrat with unlimited power.

I don’t remember a time when Trump was looking to round up opposition journalists and have them sent to gulags for re-education before they were killed. I don’t remember Trump saying he wanted to suspend the press or turn it into a state run agency. I do know that Trump unwisely wants to have the libel laws tightened.

The irony is that the White House Correspondence dinner was the catalyst that supposedly got Trump to run. The media egged him on to take on the Republican candidates.  As his campaign started taking out candidates, the press had no problem giving him all the interview time he wanted. They believed back then, he would never win because his nomination would certainly mean a crushing Hillary win.

The media did not take him seriously, even though they were warned repeatedly not to underestimate his ability to connect with ordinary people. After all, as well as a celebrity, he was also a cunning businessman and has dealt with all kinds of people.  He knows what resonates with people and it certainly paid off.

So it’s understandable that CNN feels responsible for Trump ascending to the most powerful office in the land. They sure seem to be taking it personally.


2 thoughts on “CNN’s Stages of TDS

  1. Verbal bullies are always the worst pussies when someone fights back effectively. Trump has them busily destroying their own power. As a group they just aren’t very smart. I don’t really know any individuals in the MSM enough to know if they’re actually smarter than average, but I have seen little evidence that very many are.
    The more intelligent ones also tend to remind me of some old grad school colleagues. They seemed to believe that being a bit smarter than the average college student automatically made them smarter than almost anyone. The truly smart ones knew better.

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