Trying to understand the marketing


A certain someone is in the middle of rebranding following his foreseen epic legal loss in South Carolina.

BIll Schmalfeldt set up a Twitter account for El Paso Texas internet radio station KWTI – West Texas Internet Radio that was to feature Comedy and Classic Rock on Live365:

The link to the radio station just goes to a blank page on Live365.  When you go to main site and search for it, it’s not there. I guess the free period is over.

Over on his new BNN twitter feed, he doesn’t have a link to a website in the bio.

But in the tweets, he’s providing links to, which does not appear in the KWTI account.

The website is run on a SiteGround server in Chicago.  This would indicate a departure from the normal Team Kimberlin hosting it’s Communications Command Center in Amsterdam, where sites were moved out of US subpoena power jurisdiction.  Why an upstanding group like Team Kimberlin would want to hide legal and above board activities is .. bizarre.


Interestingly, while the El Paso Internet Radio is a very minimal WordPress site with little content, it does have a donation button that goes to a PayPal page called, “Schmalfeldt Internet Broadcasting.”

One might wonder – Why would someone want to put a donation button on a site that had no real content, no comments on the content, and hardly any traffic, unless .. unless maybe it’s a front site?  Neither the Breitbit News nor KWTI twitter feeds have reached double-digit followers.


The funny, or bizarre, thing is that the twitter feed links to content that Schmalfeldt has produced before.  None of it is entertaining or worth listening to.  It’s supposedly parody and satire, but seems to lack parody, satire or comedy.  Mostly, it’s causes lower colon cramps when playing over any speakers.

If this is an attempt to showcase Bill’s talent in setting up and managing an internet radio station, producing comedy, satire and parody, and building a good base of followers, I would probably say…


But I repeat myself.

8 thoughts on “Trying to understand the marketing

  1. You know what else failed? His jailhouse lawyer’s research saying Texas would be the state where he could finally win a LOLsuit.

    The funny part of sll this? He filed a vexatious LOLsuit in federal court then once again moved across state lines. I know someone who probably (IANAL) has a federal claim, and I know someone else who is not as judgement proof as he thinks.

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  2. Bill’s entire life has been nothing but a string of failures. Hell, at one time he actually made the big leagues. Satellite Radio. But, as you can imagine, he failed there too. Looking at the posts on XM Fan listeners to the Broadway station had a certain expectation. That they would tune in and hear Broadway show tunes. Instead it appears they were being inundated with the political shit Bill likes to spew. (And he probably got most of his facts wrong then as he does now.) So he got canned from the one gig that could have made his whole miserable life a little better. And instead he’s now a penniless, virtually homeless, Parkinsons’s faking drain on the taxpayer. Way to go Bill.

    Oh, and you would have thought he learned his lesson right? Nope. Once he was back in Iowa, where people know him, he got a job working for a relative at a small radio station there. His job was to play the songs on the playlist and read the script during the 2 min an hour that weren’t filled with music or commercials. He got fired again. For spewing his political bullshit again. And not SHUTTING THE FUCK UP when he was told to. Ah Bill, making good choices was never something you were good at.

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    • He just doesn’t get it – no one care what he thinks. No one has ever cared what he thinks. No one will ever care what he thinks.

      Though, there is plenty of cause to wonder whether he thinks at all.


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