The Irony of Trump’s Medical Exam


I wonder if Dr. Brandy Lee has anything to say about the reporters?

I had a chance to watch the press conference of Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, the physician that also examined Former President’s Bush and Obama, and for an hour, the press had an opportunity to ask questions.

Except, they weren’t really interested in the results, but more interested in looking for information that supports their own conclusions they’ve reached about Trump.

He’s mentally unfit.

He’s physically unfit.

He has some form of dementia.


Not only did Dr. Jackson push back on all of these claims, he responded to ABC’s reporter Jonathan Karl’s question about Trump’s reported poor eating habits that Trump had good genes.  That had to hurt.

The media, however, was unsatisfied. Feeling that Jackson may have fallen prey to a weird Trump hypnotic trance, or something, a number of interesting questions were asked:

Did he have a drug addiction problem?

Does he have a sexual addiction problem?

He slurred his words one time, isn’t that a problem?

On and on and on.

It’s almost like the doctor was not telling the truth, implying that Trump’s exam results were actually some kind of cover up or conspiracy.

Obviously, this did not go well for a number of the elite journalist class having a medical doctor with such impeccable credentials refuting their own medical diagnosis reached during cable news panel discussions.

I suppose that could be true, if being unfit applied to such things as cutting regulations, signing significant tax cuts into law, wanting to shore up border security and improving the economic conditions for millions of Americans.

Oh wait, I think they are referring to Twitter and “shithole” countries. And possibly the fact that he keeps referring to the media as “fake news” and throwing his election night victory back in their faces.

Of course, it was the Dem leadership that have been running to cameras at every opportunity saying things like “Trump is taking us to war!” or “Tax Cuts will kill people!” or “Trump is destroying this country!”

In fact, it has gotten so bad that psychiatrists now have a term for those who are struggling with the President: Trump-induced Anxiety.

Anyway, Trump’s medical exam said that not only is Trump in excellent health, has good genes, but also had a perfect score on his mental cognitive exam.  I wonder how much of a spike occurred for appointment bookings at psychiatry offices when that story broke?



4 thoughts on “The Irony of Trump’s Medical Exam

  1. Obama gets shady forged birth certificate and social security card. Press accepts as gospel.

    Highly credentialed medical doctor validates President Trump’s competency. Press refuses to accept.

    But no, they’re not biased at all and wonder why so few believe them anymore.

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  2. Jackson should have given a 30 second report. “The president is healthy, mentally and physically. He should cut back on burgers. Sharp as a tack. My report’s on the table behind you. Thanks for coming.”

    We have too much pandering to the reporters. “I’m curious” really isn’t a reason to respond to a stupid question.

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  3. “Here’s how the next few years will go. Stelter supporters will say “Concerns about Stelter’s mental health (and IQ) were always absurd. Case closed now.” The obvious response: “The Q’s about fitness for ‘reporting’ are serious. Someone could be sharp as a sack of wet cement, but still unfit”

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