Tax Reform has arrived!


The US House of Representatives passed the Republican plan to change the tax code much to the overly dramatic outcry of Democrats. No Democrat votes were in favor of a tax bill that actually gives a vast majority of taxpayers relief from their national tax liability.

As opposed to say a Democrat bill that makes it a penalty for not buying health insurance.


This weekend, I reviewed the legislation and calculated I would get somewhere around $2,500 in reduced tax liability assuming nothing changes in the future.  Due to some technical issues, there appears to be more changes coming but most likely will have little to no impact on the overall savings.  It should all be signed by Friday.

Despite Democrat doom and gloom, one of the major agenda items for Trump and the Republicans has made it through the daunting political process where the benefits will hopefully be seen as soon as early spring in 2018.

Democrats have reason to be Debbie Downers on this legislation: If the economy grows before the November elections, Republican candidates will ride that wave to a larger majority and possibly a filibuster proof Senate which would give unprecedented power to a party that has struggled to use it towards the conservative agenda.

Imagine the campaign slogans against Democrats: “Your paycheck got bigger.  The incumbent Democrat voted against it.  You think it’s a good idea to vote someone back in who doesn’t want you to have that money?”

For me and my family, this represents a better outlook with more opportunities.  Hopefully, it will help you as well.

11 thoughts on “Tax Reform has arrived!

  1. Indeed, some libtwat was spouting off on twitter about how the average savings for a family of 4 would “only amount to $120 a month” as if any extra income was worthless to those who receive it…

    how aggravating it is to not only see democrats actively lying about proposed bills, but to actually hear their idiotic followers agree that keeping more of their own money is somehow a bad thing…

    then there is the “WHAT ABOUT THE DEFICIT!!!??!!” screams from Democrat Congress Critters who didnt give a damn about that deficit while helping Obama rack up trillions in debt.


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  2. You can’t imagine the joy I have felt going to liberal cesspools like DailyKos and reading the apoplectic posts, the rending of garments, the gnashing of teeth, and the wails of despair.

    Take your bum asses to Canada if you don’t like it here, asswipes.

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